18 January, 2011
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Westwood Carvery: Carnivore Heaven

18 January, 2011

Sassy Food Blogger, Michelle of ChopstixFix tells us about the fab steak sandwiches on offer at Westwood Carvery at LKF:

I’ve always been quite an observant person but to have let Westwood Carvery pass me by for the last 7 months is slightly ridiculous, seeing as I do saunter through LKF and past Wo On Lane on a regular basis. I finally found out about it through Facebook (ah the wonders of social networking), when a friend of mine started posting photos of his extra large prime rib sandwich from there and complaining about meat sweats.

It’s no secret that I’m a bit of a carnivore, so I was determined to get myself down to this place as quickly as possible and show off my eating prowess (I like to challenge myself). My friend and I went for lunch and the first thing we noted was the cool and chic interior. It’s small but they have made good use of the space with their minimalistic decoration- grey slate tables and a clever looking wooden wine-rack wall acting as a centre piece.

The menu is limited, but their set lunch starting from $98 to $148, comprises of a soup of the day to start, followed by a choice of either their signature prime rib sandwich with fries, pasta or fish. Coffee and tea is served at the end and for an extra $20, you can have a dessert- good value!

On the a la carte, they have salads, pastas, their prime rib sandwiches, pork ribs and a few side dishes on offer. But it is their roasted prime rib sandwich that is the star of the Westwood Carvery and the whole point of their name.

It comes in two sizes: regular ($78) or Westwood size ($98). For comparison’s sake, this would be akin to a regular sized box of Kleenex tissues versus Kleenex tissue for men!

The sandwiches are served au jus with fries, a ramekin of horseradish sauce and an apple on the side to trick you into thinking you’re being healthy. The regular size is for sensible people, the Westwood for the greedy, gluttonous, brave and bold types like myself, who enjoy self-competition. I did check with the friendly manager first if I could manage, and she said she eats a lot and can cope, so I took that as a sign that I could too!

My friend was being dainty and lady-like so opted for the regular with an extra helping of fried onions while I rubbed my hands in anticipation for my Westwood sandwich.

It did not disappoint. My sandwich was huge and I was a happy bunny. The men at the table next to me looked on in disgust as I merrily dunked my sandwich in the jus, smothered each mouthful with horseradish sauce and tomato ketchup and crammed it into my mouth. Tender slices of beef on soft yet crusty bread drenched in gravy- what’s not to love?

In 20 minutes, it was all gone, including the apple. A clean plate and I still had room for a coffee. Piece of cake. Bliss for the foodie.

Westwood Carvery, G/F, 2 Wo On Lane, Lan Kwai Fong, Central. Tel: 2869 8111

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