12 September, 2016
two friends leaning sideways at sunset
two friends leaning sideways at sunset

A Weekend Away For The Whole Gang

12 September, 2016
two friends leaning sideways at sunset

A Trip Packed With Experiences for Everyone!


With the Mid-Autumn public holiday coming up, and with another public holiday on the horizon in October, it’s time to start planning a cheeky long weekend break! Grab you group of friends and check out these three suggestions by the travel experts at KAYAK.com.hk for the ultimate weekend getaway.

As much as we love going on big group holidays, it can be a little annoying when you can’t make decisions on what to do… some people love lazing by the pool, others want to see all the sights, and some want to do a bit of both! Luckily for us, KAYAK have rounded up some of the most exciting activities at each destination so there’s something to suit everyone. It’s all about options and you won’t be disappointed by the activities in Sri Lanka, Taiwan and Phuket listed below…

two girls running into waves with surfboards

Location 1: Sri Lanka

Activity 1: Everybody’s gone surfin’, surfin’… Sri Lanka

Grab your gang and book into Lapoint Surf Camp. As they say themselves, ‘’This lush and tropical destination offers good times, good people, and most of all: good surf’’. The camp is surrounded by perfect beaches and lush tropical rainforests, and provides a mellow atmosphere where chilling on the beach is as encouraged as riding the bodacious waves. A range of classes is offered, starting from absolute beginner to experienced and, as well as the gorgeous, beach-front accommodation, all surfing gear is available to hire at excellent prices. Although surfing is a solitary sport, the solidarity and thrill you’ll experience egging each other on and celebrating each surfing success will give you a bonding experience that you’ll be talking about for years to come.

Activity 2: Bowled out or bowled over

Some guys (and girls!) may enjoy a dedicated sports retreat in Sri Lanka where they can explore the wonderful world of cricket. This quintessentially colonial game will inspire fans and entice newcomers. Over September the Australian cricket team is touring Sri Lanka so there’ll be a good amount of games to attend. Super fans can also sign up for a Sri Lankan Cricket Tour and travel the country indulging in a cricket pilgrimage. To really round things off, grab some balls, bats and wickets and head to any of the amazing beaches for their own friendly match.

How to get there: Flights to Sri Lanka from $2,439*
Where to stay: Eraeliya Villas and Gardens from $909**

cycling in the hills

Location 2: Taiwan

Activity 1: On yer bikes

Taiwan is considered, by those in the know, to be an untapped secret for cyclists. Bike tours are available from a simple one-day city tour of Taipei up to an eleven-day circuit of the whole country, and everything in between. Touring the city by bike gives you a fluidity and understanding of the flow of the city that only locals otherwise have, but if possible, getting out of the city and into the countryside should be your aim. The streets of Taiwan are very safe and make biking a joy; and the scenery? Well, let’s just say that using the word ‘breathtaking’ here is totally justified.

Activity 2: The perfect three-cup chicken

Now, we don’t know about you but we think Taiwanese food is delectable, and the more authentic it is the better. If you want to hone your skills and get as close to authenticity as you can, book a day for you and your friends on the Taipei Market Tour and Cooking Class. This fantastic day out starts with shopping in a traditional market with your guide and teacher. After an illuminating and educational jaunt through the smells, hub-bub and spices of the market, you’ll return to the kitchen and choose to prepare one of the three amazing set menus. Possibilities include Kung Pao Chicken, Oyster Omelet and Braised Beef Noodle Soup. As you indulge yourself, try heading to The Lobby of Simple Kaffa for award-winning coffee and the house specialty, matcha sponge cake.

How to get there: Flights to Taiwan from $842*
Where to stay: Park Taipei Hotel from $1,002**

two boats at sea

Location 3: Phuket

Activity 1: Living it up, island style

The Phi Phi islands are just a 45-minute speedboat ride away from Phuket and each of them offers something unique. Phi Phi Leh was made famous in the 2000 film ‘The Beach’ and still remains uninhabited. You can take day trips out there and lounge on the pristine sands that a young Leonardo Dicaprio once lay on. Phi Phi Don is the other main island, and while it has an array of fantastic hotels, restaurants, and local shops, there are no roads, so its laid-back atmosphere will make even the most anxious friend relax. Until nightfall that is, when the tiny island proves that size doesn’t matter and gets things rocking with great bars, bonfires and beach parties.

Activity 2: Up the creek with a paddle

With such lush surroundings and translucent waters, what better way to get amongst it all than in canoe?! There is a seemingly endless range of water-based tours: from ocean kayaking to sea-cave canoeing to white-water rafting, to recreating James Bond’s journey to Scaramanga’s island (which was also filmed in the Phi Phi islands). The various tours are eco-friendly and can range from half-day to multi-day adventures.

How to get there: Flights to Phuket from $1,490*
Where to stay: Holiday Inn Resort Phi-Phi Island from $965**


Feeling inspired? Get booking!

*The flight prices given above are for one return economy seat (including taxes and fees, excluding baggage fees) and were collated on KAYAK.com.hk on 09 September 2016 for travel in the first 2 weeks of October 2016. Prices may be subject to change and offers may no longer be available.

**The hotel prices above are for double occupancy at a 4 star hotel (including taxes and fees) and were collated onKAYAK.com.hk on 09 September 2016 for travel in the first 2 weeks of October 2016. Prices may be subject to change and offers may no longer be available.

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