12 August, 2014

Travel Tips: Sassy Packing – Weekender-Style!

12 August, 2014

We often face the dilemma of less vs. more when it comes to packing for a weekend away. Sometimes, the shortest stays come with the heaviest bags! I know the feeling of always wanting to bring enough outfits to cover every scenario, but do you really need three different pairs of jeans for a quick escape? I don’t think so!

With so many enticing getaways scattered around Asia (see our Asian travel bucket list here!), I encourage you to duck away for a night or two with the girls or that special someone. For a stress-free trip, no matter what the length of stay, it’s important to plan ahead. Check out the weather; plan for where you’ll be going, what you’ll be doing and how long you’re away.

Over my six years of travel, flying internationally every four days, I’ve discovered some Sassy secrets for the perfect pack.

1Dress well
Start at the bottom. Plan your outfits around two pairs of shoes– one for day and one for night. A trip down to Malaysia, perhaps, will call for some slim-line Converse sneakers and a stylish pair of sandals.

Work your way up. Outfit inspiration is easy to come by these days. Hit up Pinterest for some Sassy festival-styles, then head to your wardrobe to match it up. As we move into the cooler months, one pair of jeans or some printed leggings will see you through the entire weekend. Remember a few basic tees for daytime wandering and something glam for the night. Add in a light leather jacket, a cashmere pullover or my favourite travel essential – an oversized scarf, which can always double as a shawl (don’t know how to wear a scarf? Sabrina shows us 35 different ways here!).

Keep it simple. Pack a few accessories in a separate smaller bag – avoid packing too many necklaces or bracelets that can tangle. Team your accessory to your outfit, that way there’ll be no time lost on trying to accessorise with limited items! I’m a hat addict so I always find room for a felt fedora too.

2Travel light
Think lightweight. When you’re heading away for the weekend, pull out the overnight bag. It’s the perfect size to take as either carry on, or to check in if you’re jumping on board a jet. Avoid bringing heavy items like bulky jackets, clothing with embellishments and chunky shoes. Lay everything out on your bed so you can see all your options before you pack them.

Pack right
Roll it up! That’s right–rolling keeps your clothes (for the most part) more wrinkle free than folding. It also optimises space. Keep heavy items on the bottom. This means shoes, accessories and cosmetics bags. Next, place down the bulky items like your jacket or jumper. On top of that, place lighter items like shirts and slot your jeans down the sides of your bag.

Happy packing!


All images sourced via Pinterest
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