12 August, 2014
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Summer must-haves for your home – Spruce up your living space, Sassy style!

12 August, 2014

It’s always nice when the suffocating summer heat arrives to add a bit of life back into our homes. It’s the perfect time to reflect the happy hues from the great outdoors! Sadly, the HK weather is refusing to behave, so close your eyes and pretend it’s a dreamy summer outside.

Come rain or shine, it’s always nice to treat yourself to a few home character comforts. Brighten up some areas of your apartment that might be missing that ‘loving touch’ this summer!

FINAL COLLAGE1. Dining Table
Let’s start with the dining area. Although this may not be used by all on a regular basis (thanks to HK’s thriving dining scene!), I’m sure that a compact dining table can host a few Secret Ingredient dinner dates! If you’re a play-it-safe kind of gal, then I suggest just adding a few accessories to your dining experience that will make your meal feel that little bit more special and give you the courage to invite your girlfriends over for drinks and nibbles. I found some fantastic glassware at Muji, and being in love with the colour blue, I knew these tumblers would add the brightness I needed to my dinner table. I then accentuated by applying some napkin rings from Indigo Living to complement the glassware, pairing them with simple white linen napkins. So simple, yet incredibly effective! Blue is very ‘in’ this summer, but if this makes you feel more blue than happy, apply the same theory to your colour of choice.

2. Typography – micro trend!
I’m loving that typography is on trend – it is such a chic and light way to add character to a bookshelf, cabinet unit or pigeonhole. I bought some from Mushroom on Aberdeen Street, but you can also get hold of them on Etsy or in most restoration/vintage shops.

3. Balcony Furniture
I know that most of us are more balconette and less balcony, but you can almost certainly still fit a table and chairs onto it – tried and tested. Our trusty friend Ikea do a range for the balcony-challenged called the Askholmen, which is so reasonably priced you might want to buy two sets! To add a bit of character to this dining set, I would suggest sourcing an outdoor fabric (most fabric stores in HK stock Sunbrella fabrics) and have some cushions made up, bringing a little bit of interior out onto your balcony. Add small potting plants and you are ready to sip that well deserved summer cocktail (see our favourite summer cocktails here). Balconies are not just for drying clothes and storage space – remember why you opted for a balcony as part of your apartment choice in the first place and start enjoying summer in your very own outdoor oasis!

4. Floral Arrangements
are delightful at this time of year, and you can find them at all florists along the wet market – or if you want to really treat yourself grab a bunch from Flannel Flowers or Agnès b Fleuriste. A simple floral arrangement can transform any space and also adds a splash of colour to areas that need brightening up. If you’re not a fan of peonies (I’ll let you off this time…), check out Pinterest for some inspiring ideas of what arrangements you can create with flowers that are currently in season.

5. Room Scent
I am absolutely in love in Dr. Vranjes as the smell automatically takes me back to summers in Florence. These room scents fill so much of your apartment with their delicate fragrance that it’s hard to go without one. If you want the smell of summer, I would seriously suggest adding a Dr. Vranjes to your weekend shopping list as not only do they smell divine, but they have the power to transform the feeling of a room and add a small element of decor with their elegant, beautifully designed bottles. I was able to buy mine from Visionaire on Gough Street, but you can also buy them online.

6. Accent Colour
Pantone’s Paloma is trending the blogs and magazines, and I couldn’t agree more – this is such a hot colour for the summer. Not only am I a huge fan of grey, but this tone is subtle, yet statement, and goes with EVERYTHING! Add a splash of Paloma to your life by shopping for a new throw or rug and you will forever be in love with grey too.


I hope this has shown you that just a few small additions to your home this summer can help your space feel full of life and not break the bank… you may even have some money left over to treat yourself to a hard earned cocktail or foot massage!


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