5 Girls’ Trips to Book This Summer

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Thailand & Laos

Away from its famed beaches, Thailand offers a treasure trove of great experiences and beautiful sights waiting to be enjoyed. Opt for a Thai trip with a difference and create a cultural combination of the mystical city of Chiang Rai before heading to nearby Laos. Beautifully ornate temples dot the landscape here, where you can also interact ethically with elephants. Next embark on an exciting adventure and cross into Laos. Travel down the Mekong River by boat and on the way stop at the villages of Hmong, Yao and Khmu and explore the remarkable Pak Ou caves, before heading to Luang Prabang. Join monks during their early morning alms before taking part in a traditional Baci ceremony and then head out to the gorgeous Khouangsi Falls. Wildlife fans can spend more time interacting ethically with elephants at the MandaLao Elephant Sanctuary, ensuring an unforgettable group trip for all.

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India is home to some of the world’s most fascinating architecture, and is such a diverse, vibrant and colourful country. Gather your best girlfriends and along with your private guide, who will assist every step along the way, explore the highlights of this vast country. Visit the world-famous icon of love the Taj Mahal, before going in search of majestic tigers in Bandhavgarh, a jewel of a national park where you will spend days tracking beautiful Bengal tigers. The rest of the park is filled with crumbling ruins and other exciting wildlife, ensuring a visual feast. Take breaks from intensive tiger tracking and relax in the pool of your luxury safari lodge with a cocktail in hand or dine out under the stars while you chat all night. You could even head to the magnificent temples of Khajuraho which are renowned for their intricate and erotic carvings.

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Ever dreamed of embarking on an ultimate adventure with a gang of girlfriends? How about freediving in some of the world’s most stunning waters with awe-inspiring whale sharks? Jacada has recently paired up with record-breaking freediver, Hanli Prinsloo and her team at I AM WATER Ocean Travel to launch a series of exclusive freediving trips, including one based in the pristine waters between Madagascar and Nosy Be Island. Madagascar is a country full of unimaginable biodiversity and unexplored wildlife including dozens of species of lemurs and the elusive aye-aye. In fact, the island nation is so diverse that naturalists lovingly refer to it as ‘the eighth continent’, while Nosy Be is truly a slice of untouched paradise home to majestic whale sharks who come to feed in the waters. Learn how to freedive on one breath, swim along these whale sharks and immerse in the world’s last wilderness – the ocean. This set departure trip runs from Sunday, 23 September – Sunday, 30 September, 2018.

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Hiking across gorgeous landscapes, sipping on a succulent glass of wine with your girlfriends and exploring a more unusual European destination, what could be better? The capital city of Ljubljana is a must-see for those looking to really experience Slovenia. The surrounding mountains offer up truly sublime vistas of clear lakes, fairy tale valleys and evergreen forests, a haven for hikers and extreme sport enthusiasts. After working up a sweat head to Slovenia’s hidden gem, the historic Goriška Brda wine region. Here you will find a pastoral wonderland filled with vineyards stretching across a verdant countryside and farmhouses reflecting a traditional architectural design – it’s clear to see why this idyllic scene has earned a nickname as the Tuscany of Slovenia. Here you can bask beneath blue skies in the shade of garden trees and enjoy a wine tasting or two in one of the many boutique wineries that dot the area while feasting on seasonal dishes made from the finest local produce.

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Vietnam is a classic girls’ getaway destination, boasting incredible eats, vibrant culture, great weather and only a short flight away from Hong Kong. If you’re searching for an off-the-beaten-track destination, the town of Sapa is a trekking haven located in the mountains in the northwest and is the perfect place for an active adventure. Located high above plunging valleys of cascading rice fields, Sapa offers stunning panoramic views as well as hikes up the highest peak in the country, Fansipan, which is nicknamed ‘the roof of Indochina’. Shop handicrafts from the local hill-tribe people, whose ancestors have lived here for centuries, before heading out on exhilarating treks in serene nature and end your day relaxing with a cold drink or two.

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