29 January, 2013
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Torq Cycle spin classes – get on your bike!

29 January, 2013

My fitness fanatic friends have been gearing up for the arrival of Torq Cycle for months – now Hong Kong finally has an answer to SoulCycle, the indoor cycling craze that the likes of Lady Gaga, Katie Holmes and Chelsea Clinton all swear by. But what exactly is it?! Torq Cycle is the first independent indoor cycling studio in HK, offering a highly energetic full cardio workout that works your core and your upper body whilst you cycle. Over a period of 50 minutes, you not only spin/cycle, but also use dumbbells, bars and bands to work on your arms and abs. Yes, it’s a spin class on crack.

Having not worked out at all over the holidays, I started the New Year ready to push myself. Torq Cycle is currently offering two free rides to new participants so I signed myself up for Torq Body, which incorporates elements of boxing, yoga, Muay Thai and Pilates (the alternative, Torq de HK, is more straightforwardly cycling-focused), selected my bike and headed to Central. I had that nervous dread in my stomach… It had been a few weeks since I exercised and at least two months since my last spin class.

I found my bike after a chat with the instructors (all of whom have highly impressive CVs) and got ready to ride. The studio is very dark with only two candles to light the room, which is completely different to anything I have experienced before; normally my classes are in brightly lit rooms with flashing lights and banging music. The instructor pointed to the large screen on the wall, which would be displaying our cycling RPM and wattage to the whole class. Oh joy.

The first part of the class was very similar to a normal spin class (with an awesome instructor); however, seeing people’s RPM makes you incredibly competitive and certainly urges you to work harder. Dripping in sweat and exhausted after the first 15 minutes, my instructor told me to grab my dumbbells – we were going to take it to the next level. The next 30 minutes flew by, the music was great, the instructor was enthusiastic and I warmed down with my arms shaking like jelly. The best thing about it is that you can make your weights as heavy or as light as you like and of course you can pedal as fast or slow as you want! The workout is entirely what you make of it.

Given that the studio is brand new, it’s worth noting that they are still ironing out a few creases – slow to set up the system, slightly off timing with the music etc. The space is also pretty tight, so be sure to book your preferred bike online prior to the class.

Torq Cycle is definitely not for the faint hearted – I left feeling like I was going to throw up… but in a really good way! If you enjoy spinning and want to try something new, it’s good option and if you’re looking to shake up your workout every now and again, it’s a fun and challenging alternative, albeit a rather expensive addition to your exercise regime.

With two free trial classes, there’s absolutely no reason for you not to try Torq Cycle – so get on your bike and give it a go!

A single classes costs $250, with packages available and no membership fee; see more details here

Torq Cycle, 26/F, Li Dong Building, 9 Li Yuen Street East, Central, Hong Kong, 2677 8623


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