20 May, 2015

Top Tips for Travelling Light in Asia

20 May, 2015

One of the best things about living in Hong Kong is that we’re so close to a multitude of exotic locations, all within incredibly easy reach. You can jet off and arrive somewhere totally new and exciting in a short couple of hours – just refer to our travel section if you’re stuck for inspiration! And don’t forget to check out websites like Flight Centre for some travel steals and deals if you’re looking to save some cash.

With some many wanderlust-worthy travel spots on our doorstep and so many long weekends (we can’t wait for the ten long weekends in 2016!), it’s worth learning how to travel light so you can jet off at a moments notice. If you struggle with travelling light, then we’ve come up with some Sassy solutions to help you maximise the ‘hand-luggage only’ option. Not only can you save yourself a few HK dollars, but you can hop, skip and jump your way out of the airport in record time, with zero bags to collect off the carousel. Winning!



travelling light mischaBags Of Style
An envelope clutch works well as a passport and document holder that doubles as an evening bag – we love the practical yet stylish offerings from Hong Kong based brand, MISCHA. And remember, beach bags don’t have to be bulky! Try a light cotton tote that will pack flat or roll up teeny tiny.

Wear Your Biggest Shoes And Clothes
Whether it’s sneakers, stilettos or hiking boots (!) wear your most space-saving shoes to the airport (and your thickest sweater too!). They could prove a pain to take off at the x-ray machine but will save you heaps of precious bag space. Wear layers in transit that can be taken off and put on again under the chilly air-con, even better, wear something that could double up as a pillow!

Remember, sarongs can act as a shawl for impromptu temple trips and flip-flops are your friend when packing light. After all, the less you pack, the more you can shop!

travelling light colour coordinateColour Co-ordinate
Plan your vacation wardrobe with a strategic and discerning approach. Pick a colour scheme across clothes and keep it interesting with different patterns and styles for tops and accessories. Navy or black work well as base colours for your basics, and are least likely to show dirt quickly. Try tan tones and of course white is a classic, chic hue for holidays… Be selective – if it doesn’t chime well with what you’ve packed, how much use will you really get out of it? Be practical!

Decrease Your Creases
Light fabrics are great for layering and pack easily. Avoid creasing by rolling or hang up your garms in the bathroom on arrival – a steamy shower will lessen or eliminate any deep folds.



Mini Me
It’s common knowledge that there are restrictions on what items you can take in your hand luggage when boarding a plane. Travel smart (and Sassy) with miniatures. Decant your usual make-up into pots, bottles and mini sprays, available at Muji, Sasa and Bonjour, and of course, collect samples from department stores at every opportunity! It’s a great way to trial new products. You’ll also find tones of miniatures in Hong Kong’s beauty stores (one of my favourite things about this place!) and don’t forget one or two face masks for the road…

No liquids? No Problem!
Beauty brands have got you sorted, moving onto solids where once there were none. You can now get shampoo soaps, solid deodorant, even toothpaste that doesn’t come in liquid form. We’ve scoped out the best available in Hong Kong ‘cos we love ya…

travelling light lush shampoo bars– Solid Shampoo Bars: I was so happy to discover this genius ‘soap for hair’ from LUSH, and even more pleased when I realised just how good it is… My personal favourite? The Montalbano, which contains Sicilian Lemon Oil and gets hair squeaky clean. No liquids or gels about this product mean it can go in hand luggage (hooray!) and it lasts a surprisingly long time.

L’Occitane Milk Shea Butter Extra Gentle Soap: Forget about body wash in a bottle and treat yourself to a luxury soap! It’s kinder on the environment as there’s no plastic packaging, and this one is gentle for all skin types and will outlast your holiday tan.

– Bloc Hyalin Alum Block: It won me over on its packaging, but this block can be used as a deodorant and is also soothing for skin after shaving or waxing. Simply run the block under warm water and rub on. It leaves an invisible film of mineral salt, which reduces perspiration – and no liquid!

travelling light toothy tabs lush– Toothy Tabs Travel Toothpaste: This toothpaste too is not a liquid. Because there’s not even a drop of moisture, it’s good to go in hand luggage. Save your suitcase space for lippy (solid but still counts!) and a factor fifty.

– Fragrance Free: Another travel tip from me, leave the perfume at home. Mosquitos love the smell even more than you, so avoid the risk of unsightly bites and go bare! It’s also not good to use in the sun as it increases the chance of pigmentation, and lots of heat could even turn your fragrance bad.


If you want to travel light in Asia, simply refer to this handy guide full of convenient products as your one-stop-shop! We hope these tips will help you streamline your travels!


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