21 May, 2015

Carla Gentry Osorio – Hair Stylist to the Stars!

21 May, 2015

One of Hong Kong’s top hair salons has teamed up with celebrity stylist Carla Gentry Osorio to beautify the 852. It’s no secret that we Sassy girls are big fans of Hollywood Hair (just check out our Hollywood Hair makeovers here), so we couldn’t resist trying Ms. Osorio out.

As a curly haired lady myself, I was especially looking forward to the visit. Curly hair is notoriously hellish to cut; with all its bends and kinks it really needs a master to conquer (I mean tame) it. I’ve had a string of some pretty horrific looks throughout the years: the bowl cut, the boy cut, the triangle cut, the uneven cut, and the impossible-to-pinpoint-just-one-bad-thing-about-this-cut cut, so I usually only work the courage up once a year.

My annual sheer was back in February. For some reason I just decided I needed a cut and I couldn’t wait another minute. I popped into a salon near my apartment, showed the stylist a photo of what I wanted, and left looking like a cross between a poodle and a middle aged secretary – with some choppy layers thrown in the front for good measure.

A couple of months of hair-mourning later, I have resolved to finally grow my hair out the right way. The only way to get the long, healthy mane I want is to keep trimming it – so back I went to the salon (a different salon this time!).

carla gentry osorio alicia keys

I figured that if Carla is good enough for Kerry Washington, Gabrielle Union, Sofia Vergara, Alicia Keys and Jada Pinkett Smith, she would be good enough for me! Yes, I just name-dropped like nobody’s business, but it’s only because I think it’s really important everyone knows that the hands that styled Kerry Washington’s hair have now styled mine (seriously, I posted that exact sentence on my Instagram).

After a drool-worthy shampoo and condition (that head massage though…), Carla and I chatted about what I wanted. The first thing Carla did was blow-dry my hair, which surprised me. Like most people, I’ve always had wet cuts, but I’m a convert now! When hair is wet, especially curly hair, it always tends to behave and lay down nicely. When it’s dry, the stylist can really get a sense of how it moves, and what its natural shape is, meaning you’re less likely to be horrified the first time you try and style it yourself.


Carla was chatty and friendly as she worked away. Rennie, the owner of Hollywood Hair, even came over for a little ‘master class’ and of course to try and score some good celebrity gossip! We both learned a lot about hair, but sadly Carla seems to have a pretty firm grasp on client confidentiality. Boo!

Even though I only wanted something simple – just a bit more shape and a little trim – I was in Carla’s chair for over an hour. She really took her time, and I honestly walked out with the best cut of my life. Despite her ‘Track Star’ nickname (she’s great at weaves and extensions, not drugs or high jumps!), Carla actually prefers doing these ‘clean’ cuts for her clients, “people come in and want to do crazy things to their hair all the time, but sometimes it’s just too much! You have to keep it healthy.”

Carla is going to be dividing her time between her Manhattan studio and Hollywood Hair, so keep a look out for when she’s back! If you’re going to be in New York anytime soon, you can book an appointment at her luxe 5th Avenue studio online (www.stylesnewyork.com) or give them a ring at +1 (212) 730-6488.

Hollywood Hair, 23/F, 1 Duddell Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2861 9830, www.hollywoodhair.com.hk




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