Top 5 Beaches in Hong Kong

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The one for camping: Tai Long Wan

This is one of our all time favourite beaches in Hong Kong! This beach takes some commitment to reach; there is an hour long hike on the Stage 2 of the MacLehose Trail before you get there, but if you make the effort you will be rewarded with a white sand beach and amazing views. There is a small restaurant on the beach where you can buy food and drinks as well as hire tents and camping gear (and surf boards – if the wind direction is right this is a great spot for beginner surfers, although there is no lifeguard here so only go in if you are a strong swimmer and always surf with a friend to spot for you). The beach can get quite busy at the weekends with scouts and local walking groups making the trip too but camping over night, watching the sun go down, seeing the phosphorescent in the surf, and waking to the sound of waves is a truly special experience… one that is guaranteed to make you feel 1,000 miles away from the crazy pace of the city, and brings you back to the office on Monday with a glow, as you feel like you have been in another world for the weekend!

How to get there: from Sai Kung take Bus 94 to Wong Shek Pier. From there it is a short boat ride ($20 per person) to the start of the trail.

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The one for taking your dogs: Shek O Back Beach

If you have a dog in Hong Kong, then you know that it can be hard to find new places to walk them at the weekends and finding somewhere where they can run around off the lead without getting in harm’s way! The Back Beach in Shek O (about a 5 minute walk) however is a dog-friendly area behind the main beach, with no traffic, and a big stretch of sand for the pup to dig and run. The water is just as clear as the main attraction, but much quieter, attracting dog-lovers and owners alike. Make a day of it and cool off at Ben’s Beach Bar with a cheap cocktail!

How to get there: If you’re taking the pup just grab a cab straight to Shek O Beach, or alternatively if you’re just heading to the bar take the MTR to Shau Kei Wan Station and then the number 9 bus from Exit A3 bus terminus. Get off at the Shek O Bus Terminus and head towards the colorful houses when entering Shek O Village, and the paved road will lead you to the Back Beach of Shek O. 

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The one for getting away from the crowds: Upper Cheung Sha Beach

Imagine a white sand beach stretching for miles with no one on it. Now imagine that you don’t have to leave Hong Kong to find it. This beach is just a short ride away from Hong Kong Island on the Lantau ferry that leaves from Pier 6 and gets you to Mui Wo village in half an hour. From there, it is a short bus ride (15 minutes) or taxi ride (approximately $100) to get to the beach. There are two halves of the beach; the first has a few restaurants where you can buy drinks and lunch. This tends to be a bit busier with families at the weekend taking advantage of the safe swimming waters and lifeguard stations. If you really want to get away from the crowds, then walk up the beach for ten minutes where you will come to a second little cove. This beach is totally void of restaurants, but this also keeps the crowds away. The white sand is spotless and the swimming is safe here. A perfect place to relax and tan the day away.

How to get there: Mui Wo ferry from Pier 6 in Central will get you there in half an hour. From Mui Wo take the bus to Cheung Sha Beach (approx 15 minutes)

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The one for fresh water swimming: Sai Wan Beach

Sai Wan Beach is located in Sai Kung Country Park and is a short hike (approximately 45 minutes) from Sai Wan Pavillion. The beach itself is relatively small, but has lovely clean white sand and a very gentle drop off in depth (ideal for those who want to paddle rather than dive straight in!). A short way up the hill from the beach there are two waterfalls and fresh water pools where you can swim and cool off away from the crowds. Sai Wan beach is flanked by two steep hills either side, forming a protected bay, but this also means that you are totally cut off from any signs of town or village life, and you can relax in peace far away from the sounds of traffic and people that are our normal soundtrack in Hong Kong.

How to get there: Take the 29R bus from Sai Kung which will drop you at Sai Wan Pavillion (approx 25 minutes). To get to the waterfalls, walk to the end of Sai Wan beach and follow the trail left from the river. The path gets very narrow and quite rocky – we seriously suggest you don’t do this in flipflops! – but after about 10-15 minutes, it will become wider and clearer and you will see the waterfalls ahead of you.

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The one for sun-downers and sunset cocktails: Pui O Beach, South Lantau

A chilled-out vibe and relaxed community makes Pui O Beach one of the nicest in Honkers. Long white sands accompanied by one of our favourite beach bars, Mavericks (set to close in early May), Pui O makes an ideal getaway away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Make the most of the weekend and rent a village house, sit back and soak in the sunset on one of the city’s most chilled beach destinations.

How to get there: Take the ferry from Central Pier 6 to Mui Wo, then hop on a no. 1 bus to Pui O Beach (about 15 minutes).

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on 17 May 2012, and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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