31 July, 2015

Sabrina’s Top 5 Beauty Picks for July

31 July, 2015

From Chanel lipgloss to Urban Decay blush, check out the best beauty buys below!

There is loads to do when it’s summer in the Kong… beach trips, boat rides, hiking or just plain hiding from the rain! Whatever your plans include, I’ve found a few products sure to keep you feeling glam when you’re on the go. There are goodies to primp your pout and tame your tresses along with a killer concealer; read on to find out what needs to be added to your beauty arsenal over the summer season.

urban decay nakedUrban Decay Naked Flushed Blush Palette in Streak
I randomly grabbed this when I was buying the latest Naked Smoky Palette and what a treat it turned out to be! The shades are perfect and compliment my skin brilliantly without being too pigmented or harsh. The kit comes equipped with a blush, bronzer, and highlighter, which can be used all together or separately (I use three separate brushes and my Facetools brush set). The blush is a nice apricoty-peach shade that gives a gentle flush. The bronzer is more of a brownish tint as opposed to the traditional bronze shade. I find this blends easier and looks more natural on pale skin. It works beautifully to contour the cheekbones, jaw line, and collar bones- yes I go that far down! But my favourite has to be the highlighter, which adds a subtle sheen without the slightest hint of glitter. It leaves you looking like you have a youthful glow and not like you have just hiked The Twins or been to a rave. Add it to the tops of your cheekbones and up around to your brow bone for a little extra pop when the sun shines on you.

rodial retouch instagramRodial Retouch Instaglam
I’m not saying that this has replaced my other fancy gold-tubed concealer pen, I’m just saying that I’m only carrying one of these in my bag… and it happens to be this one. This pen is just as easy to apply and blends beautifully but adds lots more coverage. The formula sports hyaluronic acid, perfect for plumping fine lines. After a quick application I look bright-eyed and bushy tailed, all ready for a busy day ahead.

essie 819 butler pleaseEssie 819 Butler Please
Need a little nail polish pick me up? Give Essie’s ‘Butler Please’ a go. This cobalt shade is right on trend and looks fantastic when paired with your bright (or white) summer dress! I have been collecting all things cobalt recently, so when I looked down and spotted that my nails, ring, and clutch all matched I had to smile. I posted a pic on Instagram and instantly had other ladies wishing to know the shade or proclaiming it as their favourite too.

Chanel aqualumiere glossChanel Aqualumiere Gloss (High Shine Sheer Concentrate) – # 68
A beauty blogger who forgets her lip gloss?! Impossible! But this was true for me when I realised that while changing bags I had forgotten to transfer my stash of go-to lippies. I immediately popped in to the nearest Chanel (thank goodness for HK – I’m never at a loss for Chanel!) and scooped up one I had wanted to try, #68. The sheer peach boasts a simple shimmer that adds shine and fullness. When first applied, you’ll notice how moisturising the formula is and that lasts for quite a while. I will swear that it makes me look more tanned, too!

living proof perfect hairLiving Proof Perfect Hair Day
When you think of Jennifer Aniston you may think of a few things (comic darling, rocking bod at 40+, the fact that she bedded ahem… married Brad Pitt) but you most certainly think of her flowing, icon-status mane. She may lend her face to a variety of products, but she co-owns the Living Proof hair care line. This brand boasts 45 awards and is pioneering the way products are made. Switching to this brand means you will have gone sulfate and silicone free and within two weeks you will notice that your hair is smoother (buh-bye frizz), shakes off the dust and dirt for longer (meaning you can put up a fight to HK pollution), and is generally stronger and healthier. There are several lines of products catered to specific problems (frizz free, curl enhancing, thickening, and restorative) but I went with the big shebang of a promise – Perfect Hair Day.

When you name a product Perfect Hair Day, you better have something good in the bottle. I have been using it for two weeks and while I don’t think everyone can have a perfect hair day everyday (without a lot of effort) this has done a darn good job of getting me very, very close. My hair feels lighter and softer and really does look less frizzy. I really enjoy the 5-in-1 styling treatment which you can use on wet or dry hair. I use it on my look after I wave my hair with my ghd wand to tame any random fly-aways on top (still growing back all the hair I lost post-baby!). Overall two thumbs up to this line of products.


To all you beauty junkies, I hope you found a new treat here. I’ll do my part to bring you a new crop of colourful finds for next month. If you have any products you love and think our Sassy readers would too, then let me know on Twitter @sabrinasikorahk. I’m always on the lookout for the latest and greatest beauty finds to share here!



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