28 April, 2015

Sabrina’s Top Five Beauty Picks: April

28 April, 2015

Another month has passed (already!) and in that time I’ve been wandering the aisles of Sasa and smudging my hands and eyes with every product I can find in order to bring you April’s best beauty finds. I think I have some really good little scores here to get you set for summer! From skin to nails to hair, you will be smouldering on the street – and not from HK’s extreme temperature, but from your own radiating hotness! Check out what I’ve found for you this month…

ghd1ghd Curve Creative Curl Wand and Curl Hold Spray
I’m pulling out the big guns to start this piece off! You may already know the superior performance of the ghd styler, but have you experienced the power of their creative curl wand? I recently stopped by AirPlay where I got to try out the wand for myself. ghd expert Robert Resnick sat me in the chair and showed me the ins and outs of this device and the accompanying Curl Hold Spray. The wand heats evenly thanks to tri-zone technology meaning you don’t have to hold the hair on for as long – only 5-8 seconds. It also has one temperature setting – the right setting! This means you don’t need to fear burning your hair by setting it too high or leaving it on your hair too long. Rob taught me to first spray the hair and run the spray to the end to protect the strands. It’s important to make sure the hair is dry before applying the wand.

Rob said to curl the pieces away and towards my face for a more relaxed look. He also said to start the waves at eye level for the pieces around the face so the top doesn’t look so beauty parlour-fixed. Another great tip was to start with the front pieces on both side and then work my way to the back. If you are running short for time you can skimp on the back where no one will notice but the front is done and fabulous. Plus, that gives the front longer to cool so the waves are surely set. When all the waves have been created, simply flip your head and run your fingers over the scalp giving a shampoo-like massage to break up the pieces and add volume. Flip back up and admire your incredible hair! I’ve been converted from a bun and ponytail girl, to one that has gorgeous bouncy waves all day and night… and it takes me less than ten minutes to achieve!

browlashBrowlash Ex Waterstrong W Eyebrow Pencil and Liquid Liner
If you have seen my Instagram feed lately then you may have noticed that my brows have been on point. This is not due to any new grooming, but to one little product available at Sasa that I randomly picked up. The Browlash Ex Waterstrong W Eyebrow pencil and liquid liner is amazing! First you fill in your brow with the soft twist up pencil. Next, you define the line with the liquid liner. This isn’t like eyeliner though as the consistency is not thick and inky but more like a thin water-colour that just adds the slightest definition and oomph to the shape. When I only have five minutes to get ready, this is one of the key elements I add as a clean defined brow totally polishes the face. There were multiple shades to choose from as well so you should be sorted no matter your colouring.

maybellineHyperSharp Wing Liner by Maybelline
Another fantastic find on that same shopping outing was this HyperSharp Wing liner by Maybelline. I had been using the Shu Uemera Calligriph-ink, which is wonderful, but my cartridge recently ran out. Instead of reloading on this tried and true product, I decided to test out a few others. While several were not up to snuff, this Maybelline liner is a great lower-priced alternative to its department store counterparts. The pen come to a sharp point making a winged look easy to achieve. It’s long lasting with little to no fall, and comes off easily with make up remover (I used Evie Oil found here). Overall, a great budget friendly pick for an eyeliner pen!

dolce gabbanaDolce & Gabbana “The Nail Lacquer” in Shocking and Bella
I’m heading on a beach trip very soon and I was wondering what to do with my nails while away… then I discovered these two shades and the answer was clear! The day before departure I’m taking these babies to my local nail spot for the perfect manicure. Afterwards, I’ll pack them in my beauty kit so I can do touch ups on the go. The hot pink Shocking shade is tops for toes, while the pale pink Bella hue will be the perfect neutral on my hands. I have long been a fan of D&G beauty products and love how the thick brush on the polishes has a curved tip, making application near the cuticle and around the edges simple and clean. The polish goes on smooth and line-free and dries relatively fast compared to other salon brands. The staying power is also quite good, lasting around 7 days with no chips. Plus, the lovely packaging just looks great when left sitting on my vanity!

nars body glowNARS Body Glow
Summertime means that lots and lots of skin will be on display. Get it in tiptop viewing shape with this luscious body oil that boasts the smallest flecks of shimmer to set off your tan swimsuit ready body. The oil is a mix of monoi and gardenia-infused coconut oil making for one intoxicating scent! After you apply, you may soon find yourself dreaming of ocean breezes and pina coladas… A client recently used this on a shoot atop her perfect spray tan and I was left looking quite pale and bland next to her radiance. Needless to say her skin was glowing in the final images, resulting in one gorgeous spring/summer campaign. Now I just need to replicate this for myself in real life!


I hope my adventures in beauty-land will turn into some new finds for you. Until next month, I will keep testing and trying and moisturising and applying to discover new goodies to excite and beautify you! Enjoy the gorgeous weather currently upon us. I’m now off to uncover a few new products to stand up to the heat and humidity, which is surely on the way. Wish me luck!


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