Top 10 Health Food Stores in Hong Kong!

20 January, 2017
Health & Fitness

Top 10 Health Food Stores in Hong Kong!

Our Favourite Healthy Havens


If one of your New Year’s Resolutions was to cut down on all things sugary, fatty and generally unhealthy (3am McDonald’s is still allowed right?), then you’ll want to study this Top 10 to a tee! We’ve rounded up our favourite health food stores to help you stay on track, so whether you’re after some tasty (but healthy!) treats or looking for some nutritious supplements, we’ve got you covered…

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Just Green Organic Convenience Store

Starting out as a small retail shop, Just Green now has nine stores across Hong Kong! Drop by any one of their locations to discover their extensive range of healthy goodies, including food and beverages, beauty products, whole-food supplements, books and home items.

Check out their easy to use, well-designed website here to see what else they have in store…

Just Green Organic Convenience Store, 52 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2801 5611, see all other store locations

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Organic 21

Only using ingredients organically grown in the city’s only USDA certified organic farm, Organic 21’s farm-to-table experience is perfect for all health-conscious eaters!

The restaurant features a selection of organic salads, pastas and all day breakfasts, but they also have a small food store section too. This truly local joint is run by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth as a social enterprise, so you’ll be giving back if you buy from there too!

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HKFYG Organic 21, G/F, 60 & 62B Staunton Street, Central, Hong Kong,

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Anything But Salads

We’re big fans of Anything But Salads, a super cute store in Tai Ping Shan that stocks delicious and healthy treats. We’re talking dehydrated kale chips, superfood supplements and their hugely popular Rawnola, all of which are densely packed with nutrients and are free of additives and preservatives.

Treat yourself to some cheezy kale crisps and a bottle of Organic Chai Masala Kombucha, for a filling yet tasty snack on the go. Grab a healthy meal at their recently opened café or check out their online store to see everything that’s available! Who says healthy eating isn’t fun?

Anything But Salads, Shop B, G/F, 14 Tai Ping Shan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong,

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Redwood Nutrition House

You can find everything and anything that’s nutritious and good for you at Redwood Nutritious House stores in Kennedy Town and Wan Chai.

From cholesterol support, sports nutrition, detoxification, to sleeping aids – there seems to be a solution for any health concerns you may have. Simply place your order and have it delivered to your door, or opt for the self-pickup from their stores. Perfect if you’re looking for holistic health options and nutritious snacks.

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Redwood Nutrition House, G/F, 163 Belcher’s Street, Kennedy Town / G/F, 164 Queen’s Rd. East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong,

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Organic Plus

Organic Plus started out as a convenient pit-stop on the Eastside of Hong Kong for all things organic. Now this award winning organic products retailer has seven stores and is arguably one of the best places to pick up all your health-related and environmental essentials.

They sell a comprehensive range of health food items, body care products and household supplies. Place your order and get a free delivery to anywhere in Hong Kong (depending on your minimum spend).

Organic Plus, see all locations 

6 / 11

Spice Box Organics

Spice Box Organics is a great place to find health foods, environmentally friendly household products, all natural body care products and of course, a wealth of spices.

The socially conscious company ensures that products are sourced from sustainable organisations, and you can even find traditional medicine and Ayuverda products. Create your own Spice Box by picking your favourite herbs and spices or save yourself the time and get their signature Spice Box set instead.

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Spice Box Organics, locations in Sai Ying Pun, Mid Levels and Kennedy Town,

7 / 11

Food For Life

Food for Life work with expert nutritionists to help them source their products and ensure that you are getting all the nutrients you need.

With tons of supplements and health foods on offer, Food for Life is a great choice if you’re looking for the latest in health products and knowledge. They even host seminars and sell a selection of educational books if you’re looking to learn more about health foods and healthy living. Simply order online here and your chosen goods will be delivered straight to your door (outlying islands excluded) or pop in to one of their six stores in HK.

Food for Life, see all locations

8 / 11


Apart from being a wellness education centre, i-Detox is also a fabulous health food store, stocking the latest in health foods, holistic nutrition, functional medicine and naturopathy.

With a huge selection of super foods, therapeutic quality essential oils, non-toxic household cleaning and organic skin care products, this is truly a haven for all things health-related. Most products are ‘raw’ and organic, so you know you’re getting the purest supplements and food, free from chemicals. Shop online here and don’t forget to take a look at their super food detox (check out our full review here).

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i-Detox, 1F, V-Plus (Building), 68 – 70, Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong,

9 / 11

The Store

Conveniently located in Central, The Store stocks a whole range of health food products at great value; form organic foods, superfoods, vitamins, minerals, protein products and sports nutrition.

Many of the products are sourced from overseas, saving us from trying to source online (and those delivery charges!). What’s more, their new online store will be launching soon, so keep your eye out as they will be offering free same and next day delivery!

The Store2/F 38 Cochrane St, Central. Hong Kong, Hong Kong,

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We love this restaurant for its delicious and filling organic meals, but did you know they also have an organic specialty store?

‘The Marketplace’ at Locofama provides sustainably sourced, organic food – perfect for stocking up on. They provide a good variety of local products like organic soy milk and even organic pet food! They’ve also got a range of eco-friendly home and beauty products too…

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Locofama, 13 Fuk Sau Lane, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong,


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A Few Extra...

For those who prefer to stock up on their organic foods from supermarkets instead of smaller grocers, then fear not! Walk into any one of Hong Kong’s high-end supermarkets (like Three Sixty, City Super, Taste, Oliver’s) and get your hands on some of the freshest organic products that are imported daily from all over the world! They all have a range of health food products and nutritious snacks too.

Love to shop in the comfort of your own home? iHerb is an awesome resource for hard-to-find health foods, supplements beauty and home supplies. Their prices are hard-to-beat and shipping is reasonably priced to Hong Kong – with your order arriving within the week!


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