9 November, 2015
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Tiki Tiki Bowling Bar – Sai Kung’s Quirky New Hangout

9 November, 2015

We head to Sai Kung to try out a tropical themed bowling spot!

As a girl with laughable hand-eye coordination and, as a result, a rather unnerving relationship with ten tonne bowling balls, trips to the bowling alley don’t usually feature on my list of priorities. Rather incredibly, Tiki Tiki Bowling Bar in Sai Kung has changed my mind. I’m still in shock. Gone are the days of musty shoes and slush puppies – bowling is now a glamorous affair ladies!





Every inch of the surprisingly spacious venue complements the Tiki Tiki island theme. If you fancy a cocktail, sashay over to the Sea Dogs & Mermaids Bar where the bartenders flick around bottles like it’s second nature. Over in the Octopus’ Garden, the live band provide the perfect soundtrack to coo over the feather lampshades, decadent curly mirrors and gorgeous deep violet sheepskin rugs. The Krakatoa Lanes take centre stage with their big screens and neon pins – which are both jazzy and necessary due to the dim lighting and party atmosphere. It’s a far cry from the bowling alleys of Yorkshire, I can tell you that for free.





The cocktail menu boasts a full range of classic cocktails, all for around $100 a piece, as well as some tempting Tiki Tiki creations. Pineapple is the order of the day and luckily it’s a firm favourite of mine so I was cocktail-happy. If you’re planning on a competitive evening of bowling however, you may have to attempt some measure of self-restraint. I can’t imagine alcohol will enhance your ability to bowl in a straight line.





As a self-confessed bowling disaster, I don’t think I have ever experienced the joy of a strike. However I can imagine that after a couple of victory dances you may work up an appetite. Luckily Tiki Tiki offer a whole range of snacks, mains and desserts which can be enjoyed at the bar or by your lane. If a selection of calamari, tender chicken skewers and lightly spiced vegetable samosas aren’t enough to satisfy you then the Beach Bums & Cannibals restaurant, which opened just last month, is sure to do the trick. It’s a whole other ball game girls. We’re talking flaming lobsters, mouth-watering Wagyu steaks and chocolate cake that’s so scrummy I could have shed a tear. The delectable seven course menu comes with the price tag you would expect, checking in at around $1,000 per person. Seriously though, delicious doesn’t even cover it.





Whether you’re a bowling fiend or a cocktail connoisseur, Tiki Tiki Bowling Bar definitely deserves a spot in your social calendar. Sai Kung may be a little out of the way, but the gorgeous décor alone is worth the journey. There are a variety of packages on offer, ranging between $300-$700, some of which include drinks and snacks. I’ll see you there ladies!

Tiki Tiki Bowling Bar, Centro 4/F, 1A Chui Tong Road, Sai Kung, New Territories, 2461 4988, www.tikitiki.hk


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