20 January, 2011

These are a few of my favourite things…

20 January, 2011

Guest blogger Anh tells us about her style must-haves, those pieces which she simply can’t be without…

I am big lover of fashion, clothes, handbags, jewellery, make up… basically I am a real girl’s girl. Styling is something that lurks in my subconscious every day and usually starts at about 6:45 every morning. Before I even realize what I am doing.. I’m thinking about outfits – Straight away,  I am mentally going through various outfits in my head, taking into account the day’s activities, who will I be meeting, how should I be presenting myself, what image do I want to today… and ta-da… I roll out of bed and proceed to shower, get dressed like it’s another morning event.

Over the years, this process has been refined and now the selection process and mental cataloging of clothes takes no more than 5 minutes tops… so, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to a few of my favourite things…from old favourites to new acquisitions.

Vivian Westwood Pirate boots in black suede..

It doesn’t get much cooler than this!  All the rage in London, sold out in matter of days and you can see why. Perfect over some skinny jeans, white tee and cool cardie for that casual comfortable but chic city girl look. With time and wear, the suede softens up and becomes nicely slouchy !

Miu Miu Clutch..

LOVE LOVE this clutch. It is the most versatile piece of accessory you can have in your wardrobe and I love the soft calfskin leather, subtle gold detail but most of all, it’s big enough to slip in a pair of flip flops (dependent on your shoe size of course, I’m a 37.5) for when you need to whip out some more comfortable footwear for the trip home.

Gap Favourite Crew Neck Tee’s

These form my wardrobe staple. Every year I buy 2 white/grey/black short sleeved for summer and 2 of the same long sleeved for winter. I buy them 1 size bigger so it’s a bit more comfortable and roomy and wear them with everything, under V neck jumpers, with jeans, shorts, skirts with the sleeves cinched and rolled up on the side and I’m good to go. Now that we are living in HK, I will need to stock up when I am back in London or just shop online!

And one for the treasure trove for sure !

YSL Tuxedo Jacket with satin lapel.

I married a man who is truly wonderful and just gets it ! As a wedding gift, I was presented with my ultimate piece and one that I have been dreaming about for years and years .. the classic YSL tuxedo jacket. No other words are needed to describe this particular item but AMAZING.

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