The Secret Is Out: Mischa

The designer behind Mischa is Michelle Lai and her line was formed after she noticed a lack of distinctive and fine quality clutch bags here in Hong Kong. Instead of complaining about it she decided to create her own (amazing!) line, which is inspired by her passion for traditional Japanese culture. Michelle creates fabulous clutches, wallets, bangles and Obi Belts and each of her pieces are made from the most genuine obi and kimono which combine old world tradition with modern day glamour.

We love anything unique at Sassy and we LOVE that all Michelle’s pieces are truly one of a kind. In each of her designs you can see how many of each item has been made so you will never have the fear of running into someone on the street with the same clutch as you! So, the moral of the story is this…if you see a Mischa bag that you just have to have, you better get it fast!
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