The Secret Is Out: Kanchan Couture

One of our favorite parts about Sassy is meeting so many fabulous girls and we feel so lucky to have met Kanch (and Sharon too!) from Kanchan Couture. The first time we met her was in her studio and upon entering it we felt like we had been transformed into another world. We were greeted by beautiful bright colors and our eyes couldn’t help but dart from one amazing piece to the next. Kanch’s designs are heavily influenced by India and she puts her own modern twist to the Indian textiles to make it her own.

At our Chic Boutique event Kanch was showcasing her screen print t-shirts which are so cool. She uses black and white pictures of her family and screen prints them on t-shirts which creates a very modern design that is perfect for a day when you just want to wear jeans and a t-shirt but look stylish at the same time! Stop by Kanchan Couture and meet the lovely Kanch and we promise you will be blown away by her designs!
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