The Secret Is Out: Bejewelled Bespoke

Continuing our series of posts about the vendors we found for our Chic Boutique event, today we’re talking about one of our absolute Sassy faves, and a girl who, arriving with only seconds to spare before the event started (poor girl was stuck at the office, on a Saturday!), soon had a crowd buzzing around her table.

Trish’s designs are incredibly of-the-moment, and all work to enhance whatever outfit you are wearing… most of the pieces would work beautifully against a plain black or white tank, and instantly give you a put-together look. Unashamedly feminine, using chiffon, lace, sparkles and fine chain, her work is attracting a lot of attention on Etsy where you can buy her jewellery. With enough orders, who knows, she might even be able to give up the day job. We’re excited to put our orders in…
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