5 June, 2015
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The Kinnet Café – A healthy al fresco lunch spot in Sheung Wan!

5 June, 2015

Tucked away on the 3rd floor of The Kinnet wellness centre, The Kinnet Café is a hidden (free wi-fi!) hotspot right in the middle of Sheung Wan. It’s unusual location in a wellness centre for the over 50s makes it easy to miss, but don’t be discouraged – the cafe is open to all ages, and is the perfect secret retreat for a chilled out lunch.

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Spacious and inviting, the interior offers a blissful escape from the heaving lunchtime crowds of Sheung Wan. After being newly renovated, the attention to detail is apparent and we loved the fresh flowers on every table, the funky blue and white tiles at the canteen and the warm lighting throughout the café. What’s more, they have a sizeable outside terrace – perfect for catching some rays and enjoying an al fresco bite to eat.

One thing that’s sure to perk up your appetite is the food hall style display of the salads, meats and delectable, guilt-free sweets. Staying true to their belief in wellness, the chefs at The Kinnet Café work hard to offer a wide selection of delicious and nutritious meals that feature organic meats, fish and incredibly colourful salads. The all-day menu at The Kinnet Café packs a serious nutritional punch.

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From superfood smoothies to cold pressed juices, the drinks selection at The Kinnet Café is filled with refreshing blends. For a something truly cooling, try the Cucumber Cooler ($55) – fresh mint, lime, soda water, and cucumber – perfect on a hot Hong Kong day. Other citrusy concoctions include the Orange Earl Grey ($55), sweetened with honey and garnished with fresh orange slices. If you’re feeling something with a bit more texture, the green chia-seed infused Tropical Punch ($68) served in a mason jar is packed with goodness. And while we’re on the subject of drinks, the happy hour (post-work drinks on the roof, anyone?) includes any beer or wine served with a complimentary sandwich.

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First stop – breakfast! The breakfast menu is ideal if you’re looking for somewhere to enjoy a relaxed morning meeting. We tried out the Avocado Eggs Benedict ($90) and if you’re an avocado fiend, you will absolutely love it. The gently toasted slice of high quality bread and the layer of mashed avocado were perfectly complemented by the poached egg and its runny yolk. A healthier version of the traditional eggs benedict, the Hollandaise sauce was replaced by an almost identical in taste, but much lighter, yoghurt sauce – lip-smackingly good stuff!

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For those who prefer a sweet breakfast, go for the French Toast with Mixed Berry Compote and Maple Syrup ($68). The fried eggy bread topped with syrup was deliciously simple comfort food at its best. The lightly fried bread showed no signs of grease and the addition of fresh pomegranate seeds, blueberries and bananas gave us all the energy we needed to start the day. If you really want to indulge, the berry compote and maple syrup on the side are absolutely moreish!

Out of the mains, we sampled the Roasted Organic Chicken ($138) and the Roast of the Day (Market Price) – Roast Beef. The appearance of the chicken wasn’t particularly impressive but what it lacked in aesthetics, it more than made up for in quality and taste. The meat was succulent despite having little fat, and the seasoning made it very flavoursome – another thumbs up!

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As for the roast beef… yum. The slices of beef were served with just the right amount of gravy, and were so tender and cooked to perfect with a pinkish centre. Why bother slaving away in the kitchen making a Sunday roast when you can enjoy the perfect roast beef here? An added bonus – all fish and meat dishes at The Kinnet Café are served with a choice of two salads. Choose from the salad bar which had a range of flavoursome, healthy choices. We loved the mushrooms with dill and the pumpkin…

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For a lighter lunch, opt for one of their tartines. We would highly recommend the 12 Month Parma Ham & Brie with fresh pear, endive, crispy bacon and fig dressing ($92). The combination of sweet and savoury ingredients creates is indulgent yet light meal, and the crunch of the pear with the soft ham added an interesting texture. The only bone we had to pick with this was that it was quite hard to pick up with so many ingredients layered on the bread, making it a bit more difficult to bite into… totally worth it though! We’re looking forward to going back and trying the other tartines which include flavours such as Paprika Roasted Eggplant, Grilled Prawns with Crushed Avocado and House Smoked Salmon with Charlotte Potato Salad amongst others.

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Kick your sweet-tooth without feeling guilty and indulge in The Kinnet Café’s desserts. Think freshly made cakes and tarts, made using healthy alternatives. The Apple Tart had a great crust to filling ratio and the apples were soft but not mushy, flavoured with subtle spices. If you’re not a big fan of rich desserts, go for the Banana Chiffon Cake, which is super fluffy and not too sweet.


Nutritious and delicious, even those adverse to healthy eating (not everyone is a fan of salad!) will enjoy the food at The Kinnet Café. While the interior provides a laidback atmosphere, the outdoor seating can’t be beat. With cushioned wicker chairs, umbrellas at each table, and potted greenery galore, the al fresco patio takes the cake for an ideal lunchtime spot in Sheung Wan.

The Kinnet Café, 3/F, No. 33 Hillier Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong; 3968-7623, www.thekinnet.com, [email protected]


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