20 August, 2015

The Dating Game: Juggling

20 August, 2015

Ms. Sassy returns with some sage advice about dating multiple people at once…

It’s been a long, hot, sweltering summer, Sassy Girls. What have I been up to, you ask? Not going on holiday, that’s for sure. I feel like I’ve joined the circus as I’ve just about perfected the art of juggling.

Okay, I’ve not actually joined the circus nor am I any good at juggling bowling pins or tennis balls. I’ve become an expert at juggling men… you better believe it! Sl*t shamers aren’t welcome here.

I’ve started “dating”, whatever that is. Not dating one man, but doing it the old-fashioned American way where I’ve been dating many men at once with no commitment. It’s a hard task, let me tell you.

The Dating Game - Juggling 1

Let’s begin with a story. I’d been trawling through Tinder again (ahem, technically I never swore off it), and came across this hunk of a man. We had several mutual friends, which made me a little hesitant. But when I say hunk of a man, I mean that in every sense of the word! Could not get the thought of those abs out of my head… you could just count the pecs on his body.

After swiping right (naturally), we messaged and decided to meet at a well-known spot for a drink on Wyndham. Now, let’s pause. I’d been dating two or three other men at the same time – I’d met one at 2.45am on a Saturday night at Solas and another through work colleagues (what a way to expand the dating pool).

The Dating Game - Juggling 2

7pm came around and a happy hour deal was still on at said bar on Wyndham. We met, exchanged pleasantries, continued with the same banter we had shared on Tinder and thankfully he didn’t turn out to be a wet lemon.

An hour and a half later while sipping on my second Dark and Stormy, a fella waltzes up to me, catching me off guard. Lo and behold, it’s Mr. Solas himself. I felt caught in the act, like I was cheating on him with Tinder Hunk. How. Freakin’. Embarrassing.

What’s worse is I couldn’t remember his name. If there ever were a better time for a sinkhole to appear in the 852, it would have been right there and then. Of course, no such luck. After introducing the pair, Mr. Solas had the guts to stick around (keeping a jealous eye on me) while socialising with his rowdy pals. Great. Amazing. Just awesome. Hopefully, the written word translates that sarcasm.

The Dating Game - Juggling 3

Now’s the time for a PSA. Here are my tips on how to successfully juggle so you can eventually get involved in some acrobatics in the bedroom (come on, we’re all after a little somethin’ somethin’):

– Never let the two or three or eight men that are currently in your life meet and get to know each other. This Sassy Girl has been on a date with one man at a well-known bar on Wyndham and you know the rest of the story. #Oops. Keep ‘em separated.

– Make it very, very clear to the many men that you’re currently seeing that you’re not an exclusive couple. Gotta avoid those broken hearts – yours included…

Remember who’s who on your WhatsApp contact list. Save that one cutie as “Solas Toilet” so you recall where you met him… it will prevent a lot of confusion later on. I may or may not have a gorgeous chocolate brown hunk saved as that on my phone right now. Probably. Maybe.

– The most important: don’t get too attached. If you’re playing the field to see what’s out there, make sure that’s what you’re doing… it’s no use pitting the boys up against each other. It’ll only fuel jealousy and that never ends well.

– If you’re gonna hop into bed with several dudes in a short time span (no judgement, girls, we’ve all been there…), please please please practice safe sex. What good is it to live dangerously in this regard? ‘Nuff said.

– Enjoy it. #YOLO, as the cool kids say.

The Dating Game - Juggling 4

It’s safe to say I’ve had more than one summer fling in 2015… have you? Perhaps while on holiday. On a sandy beach. Gotta exfoliate that bum…

Ms. Sassy’s dating tip for the month: Play the field. But play by the rules. There’s lots of fun to be had… Oh, and for goodness sake, Hong Kong is a small town so don’t forget whom you’ve dated in the past!

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