21 September, 2011

That Girl: Christing Chang of Fashion Hedonism & Christing C boutique

21 September, 2011

Today on Sassy we’re very excited to launch a brand new feature — each week we’ll be giving you a peek into the life of a Hong Kong girl who we think is doing something cool, living life a little differently, or just has a closet we covet.

Our very first That Girl is Christing C of fashion blog Fashion Hedonism, who has recently opened a new boutique in Central called,  yep, Christing C. It’s fab and she’s ridiculously nice despite being so gorgeous, so be sure to stop in and say hi! She’s also running a special promotion for Sassy girls so read on for details…

How did you begin blogging? What inspired the name Fashion Hedonism?

My two loves have always been fashion and writing, so blogging was a place for me to do both and share it with an audience. After University I had a lot of internships and assistant positions at fashion publications, but didn’t feel I was able to use my creativity fully at those jobs. I guess blogging became my outlet where I had complete creative control and could express my style and also keep a written diary of all the things I felt, loved, or hated.

I wanted a name that didn’t just incorporate fashion, but also my way of life. I have always been a person that chooses a path based on enjoyment and what makes me happy rather than responsibility or duty, so hedonism, “devotion to pleasure as a way of life,” seemed like a fitting description for my mindset and lifestyle.

When did you move from London to Hong Kong? What is your favourite thing about Hong Kong?
I moved to Hong Kong late December last year, which was a huge transition for my husband and I. It was an impulse decision, but both of us love travel and exploring new cities so the first few months were dedicated to trying new restaurants, bars, and nearby holiday destinations.

My favourite thing about Hong Kong is probably the busy pace and lifestyle.  I never feel bored here. There is always a new project, another event, a venue launch, or someone you must meet. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed, but I need this kind of atmosphere to push me professionally and to encourage me to get out and meet people.

Where do you shop in Hong Kong? Any secret finds you can let us in on?
There is an insane variety of shopping in Hong Kong. I love browsing department stores like Lane Crawford and Joyce, but the local boutiques in Causeway Bay and Mongkok are like an amusing treasure hunt for something unique and stylish. My favourite discoveries have been Japanese brands that are very accessible here in Hong Kong. JFT in Causeway Bay has an amazing selection on their 3rd Floor.  My favourite labels there are Laguna Moon for bohemian pieces and Egoist for blogger/streetwear inspired collections. I also love Moussy and Sly who both have shops in Times Square, Causeway Bay.  They are perfect for trendy pieces.

How would you describe your personal style? How does it evolve and change?
Bohemian with an edgy twist. I’ve always veered towards this aesthetic, but each season I pick several trends that catch my eye and integrate them into my existing wardrobe and style. I always sway towards shorts or skirts instead of jeans, choose boots over classic heels or flats, and am obsessed with layering and accessorizing. One of the things I miss about London is how the weather allows for layering year round. It’s so hot here, I feel I’ve lost that part of my style. Well at least until summer is over.

What are your must-have beauty products?
I’m so bad at a beauty regime. I generally use what I receive in gift bags, but I can’t live without Bobbi Brown Gel Eyeliner and Guerlain Bronzer. I also like Mac Lip Glass in Russian Red for a night out and have recently gotten into the Korean beauty product, B.B. cream for under my eyes. My Dad has a spa so I have a facial once a week, but I’m not sure I would pay for one if it wasn’t so accessible.

I probably get the most questions about my hair, which takes a lot of care because it’s so long. Deep conditioners are essential, and I really like Kerastase Ciment Thermique, which protects from heat and helps with all the tangled ends. I also always use a shine spray after drying my hair, but I am not loyal to any brand. They seem to all do the trick.

Tell us about the Christing C boutique…
My boutique, Christing C, is one of the main reasons I relocated to Hong Kong. I love styling and personalized boutiques, which are available in abundance in London. I wanted to create the same kind of space here in Hong Kong where the collections are all hand picked and everyone involved or works in the business are passionate about fashion and the designers carried. I stock many of my favourite designers who I came across while blogging.  They are young and very dedicated to the art. Everything is great quality, but not necessarily top designer prices. I like the idea of unique pieces that aren’t seen everyday, so every style we carry is stocked in very low numbers.

We want to encourage women to experiment with their style, try new designers, and find pieces that mix into their existing wardrobes. We offer shopping appointments or styling sessions outside of our walk-in hours, so shoppers can come in with friends or I can walk them through the collection and see what pieces suit their lifestyle and needs. I wanted to offer an alternative to the high street and top designer market.

What is your favourite thing to do at the weekend?
If I have free time and the sun is out you will probably find me at the beach. My husband and I lived in Notting Hill, London before here where Sunday Lunch is a weekly ritual, so we have been scouring Hong Kong for the perfect boozy lunch spot. I’m also out a lot during the weekends, but we are still trying to find the perfect chilled out bar, as the club scene can get pretty intense.

What is your favourite restaurant in Hong Kong?
There are so many amazing restaurants in Hong Kong. I love all the French places in Soho, such as La Marmite and Bouchon. We live right up the street from 208, so I’m there a lot for wine and pizza. On the cheaper side of the scale, I love BBQ on the corner of Pok Fu Lam and Third Street. They have the most amazing seafood and yakitori. It’s basically a hole in the wall, but a perfect place for beers and food with the boys. We also eat a lot of hotpot, which is still a novelty to me as there aren’t any hotpot places in London. Our favourite hotpot restaurants are Him Kee on Jaffe Road and Together Pot on Third Street. I’ve also really gotten into Vietnamese food since moving to Hong Kong, and love Nha Trang on Wellington Street if I can stand waiting in line.

What are your must-have pieces for Autumn/Winter?
For this season, leather leggings or pencil skirt, sheer blouses, something metallic, a statement coat, Navajo print wrap or coat, chunky sweaters that double as a dress, a tailored over size blazer, and a 70’s inspired maxi dress.

My must-haves for every Autumn/Winter are a good leather jacket, an over sized faux fur vest, a pair of boots (ankle, knee high, or thigh high) that suit you, and a cozy cashmere cardigan that is perfect for layering.

What advice would you give to someone working on developing their own sense of style?
Don’t wear anything you aren’t comfortable with, but don’t be afraid to experiment. If you aren’t sure, try it on and adapt it in a way where you feel comfortable. Pick a go-to piece that suits your style, such as a wrap dress, the perfect pair of shorts, jeans that make you feel skinny, a statement maxi skirt, or a jacket that makes every outfit. You’ll be thankful for those pieces when you are unsure about what to wear. Pick one thing that you want to wear that day/night and build the rest of the outfit around that piece. It’s easier than feeling lost in your entire wardrobe. Get an amazing tailor that can alter things which aren’t perfect. I often like dresses that aren’t quite the right length or too loose at the waist. And have fun with your style.

Christing C, 3/F Kai Kwong House, 13 Wyndham Street, Central, 5370 8128
Opening Hours: Tues-Fri 4-8pm, Saturday 2-8pm, Monday-Sunday – By Appointment Only

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