16 August, 2010
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Success with the Speakmans: Interview with Angela Cummins

16 August, 2010

Hong Kong is getting ready for The Speakmans this week and we had a chance to interview Angela Cummins, the lovely lady who orchestrated their trip. Remember girls, we have a very special Sassy discount (See below) for Friday and Saturday’s sessions so make sure you purchase your tickets soon as we are pretty sure the popular Speakmans will be be speaking to a sold out crowd!

How did you learn about the Speakmans?
I was watching BBC Lifestyle on TV in Hong Kong and their show “A Life Coach Less Ordinary” came on. I was intrigued by them, their energy & their techniques. So I looked them up on the internet, saw some weird & wonderful things they were doing via YouTube & then joined their website mailing list…. through that I was lucky enough to be accepted onto a weekend event with them in the UK last year.

Prior to working with the Speakmans have you ever used a life coach/motivational coach before?
No, the thought never crossed my mind before, I didn’t think someone could help in the ways they can. The closest I had to that was because of a personal trauma, I had been seeing a counsellor for a while. She was lovely & extremely helpful, but the sessions felt too short and they were sporadic – it seemed like I just got going on talking about how I was doing and the session was over. Also I started not wanting to dwell on my past – I wanted my past not to be an issue any more, I wanted a magic cure and a fresh start! In terms of money my counsellor was somewhat prohibitive too – two hours with my counsellor cost more than a whole day event with Nik & Eva.

What do you love most about the Speakmans methods?
Their techniques are really simple, hugely effective and their methods don’t hurt! Weight loss becomes really effortless with their Think Yourself Slim day. On the Make Your Life Fantastic day, you don’t have to talk about your feelings and drag up the past. There’s no standing up in front of people and telling your story, no hugging the person beside you, and no going back to talk to yourself as a child. They are truly inspirational and the group techniques they will use on both days work as effectively in a group setting as they do on a one-on-one session. The whole day session is cheaper than a one-on-one session and packed with so much more inspirational information too!

When you first met them were they as really high energy as they seem on tv?
Yes!! They know and appreciate that they have such a fantastic life – they are full of happiness, energy and positivity – even when I have been with them at their home – it’s not dressed-up for anyone. But they are also really down-to-earth & caring too. Eva came up to me on the morning of the first event & said she had read my email personally as to why I wanted to attend and gave me a big hug saying sorry about what I had gone through & that I had come to the right place to put my past behind me. She was right.

What is the best piece of advice the Speakmans have given to you?
That’s a hard question because there’s so much they have given me. They “magiced” away the emotional issues and pain I had and gave me such a wonderful ‘me’ day, better than a spa day! The time with them was spent thinking about ‘me’ and how I am doing, where I am going. They gave me the courage to believe in dreams, my ambitions and myself. They inspired me to truly live a life so full of positivity that all else falls beautifully into place. Being happier and using their techniques with food has also helped my self-image with losing so much weight with very little effort. They helped me on the inside and out. I look and feel better now at 35 than I have since I left school!

Check out this You Tube video for an interview Angela did with Dr. Susan Jamieson.

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