13 August, 2010
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Sassy Scoop: The Sparkling Speakmans + Win Free Tickets

13 August, 2010

We could all use a little more sparkle in life – whether it comes from losing those stubborn last few pounds, improving relationships, or curing phobias which have been bothering us for years (Hester’s is claustrophobia, Maura has Ornithophobia and Natalie has a huge fear of mayonnaise, which doesn’t actually have a scientific name!). We tend to go through life sticking to the same old routine, occasionally making a half-hearted effort at change which then gets abandoned in favour of sticking within our comfort zones.

If you’d like to take action on making some real changes, then next weekend you might want to postpone those junk trips/brunch plans to spend a day with the Speakmans – celebrity life coaches who have a less than traditional approach to solving your problems. This British couple are a TV sensation (in fact, you can catch their show on BBC Lifestyle here in Hong Kong) whose humour, energy and off-the-wall methods will have you laughing and jumping your way to achieving your goals. Nik and Eva Speakman are no-nonsense, pragmatic practitioners, who don’t believe you have to go backwards to dig through your past before moving forward. They show you how to get results quickly and easily, so you can get on with your new and improved life.

The Speakmans will be holding two day-long sessions at The Four Seasons on the 20th and 21st August, with all profits going to Hong Kong Children’s Charity, Birthday Happiness.

The Details

Friday 20th August: Think Yourself Slim – A Weight Loss Seminar that Works!
Nik and Eva show you how being on a diet only makes you obsess about what you eat, and how you have programmed yourself to be addicted to those weight-gaining foods. Using NLP techniques you can stop cravings and love healthy food. It’s revolutionary, it’s not a diet… It’s a change in attitude to food… this works!

Saturday 21st August: Make Your Life Fantastic!
Do you want to live a life Fantastic? Nik and Eva show you how to make positive life changes and put issues of the past behind you. Give yourself a “me” day to ask yourself how happy you are with your life, and if you are achieving all your dreams and goals? During this inspirational day, Nik and Eva will be using a group technique that will astound you and help leave your problems well and truly behind you!

Each all-day session runs from 8.30am – 4.30pm and includes Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack for HK3,300 per day or HK5,600 for a two-day pass. You can book your spot through HK Ticketing’s Website. The Speakmans will also be available for private sessions on the 22nd August to work on phobias, panic attacks and weight management.

Special Sassy Deal and Giveaway

Sassy can offer all our members a 20% discount on the HK3,300 per-day entry price. Visit the HK Ticketing Website and click on “The Speakmans” in the What’s On section. Select “CLICK HERE” under “Sassy Tickets” and use the passcode “WiC”. The passcode is case sensitive.

We also have a pair of tickets for each day to give away to lucky Sassy members! Just email [email protected] with “The Speakmans” as your subject heading and let us know which day you would like to attend. UPDATE: Elizabeth and Nicole are our lucky winners – congrats girls!

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