17 August, 2016
woman in a coat
woman in a coat

The Perfect Cool Weather Wardrobe: Save Money on Seasonal Trends with PacMe

17 August, 2016
woman in a coat scoop

Stock up on seasonal staples in the USA and save on shipping to Hong Kong with PacMe!


From lounging around on unicorn floats to beach barbecues on the weekends, we live for the summer months here in Hong Kong! But in between the gorgeous sunshine and glistening seas, we’re faced with sweat-soaked outfits and melting makeup which does occasionally leave us pining for the cooler season. It’s now when shops start to restock their warm clothing, and although it may seem crazy that we’re browsing heavy duty coats in the 35 degree heat, it’s probably time to start thinking about digging up our cooler weather wardrobes and surveying the inevitable damage caused by the dreaded humidity!

We love our fashion bands here in Honkers, but what we don’t love is the premium we pay on our favourite seasonal trends, and we don’t know about you, but it seems crazy to us that we’re paying a small fortune for fashion that only lasts a few months out of the year! So, girls it’s time to get organised early and save yourself some money by sorting out all of your autumn and winter shopping online in the USA – and all in one easy go with PacMe. With no need for further introduction (we rave about them constantly, and so do their customers!), this easy-to-use shipping consolidator is the answer to our winter woes. Browse from hundreds of your most-loved State-side brands online and buy all of your seasonal fashion in bulk whilst PacMe take care of the rest. Simply ship everything to your US PacMe address (most stores offer free shipping in the USA!) and they’ll even re-pack it all for you… all at the click of a button!

From cute leather tote bags that’ll easily stash all of your cool weather accessories to an on-trend, good quality coat that’ll transition your from season to season, we can’t wait to feast on all the amazing US brands available to us with PaceMe. Naturally, we’ve immediately added these to our wish lists…

a collage of models wearing a scarf and coat

Winona Reversible Plaid Scarf available from Free People (we also love this super-cute storage solution too!) 

– Grey Open Midi Trench Coat available from Love Culture

a collage of tote bags and boots
– Fringed Peep Toe Heeled Booties available from Express

– The Transport Leather Tote available from Nordstrom

– Vintage Round Sunglasses available from Calvin Klein


Convinced? We are! Okay, so admittedly if you’re looking for a one off purchase, you might be better off shipping direct from the store or braving Central, but if you’re hoping to stock up and save yourself bundles of money on shipping fees, then PacMe is the way to go. They’ll receive all your goodies, store them for free until everything arrives, then work their magic to repack and consolidate it all into one neat package for you. Ready to save, girls? Then you’re in for a treat. Our friends at PacMe are making it even easier for you by offering all Sassy readers a free account (worth US$ 40) when you register with the promo code SASSYHK at PacMe.com


Brought to you in partnership with PacMe

Featured image sourced via Pinterest

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