Style Crushes

In an ideal world (a little skinnier, a little taller, a little less worried about people stepping all over my dress) this would be exactly the look I would like to wear (she is actress Byrdie Bell). I mean, I can really get into all the structured tailoring and body-con, but this is where my heart lies. Unfortunately this is just the kind of look that my husband is definitely not a fan of, and the kind of thing that I worry people might suspect you had decided to leave your house in your nightgown. For me the glamour of this look comes from the bed head hair and the super-high heels which you wouldn’t know were there.

That being said, my other absolute style crush is Taylor Jacobson, Rachel Zoe’s bad-tempered but super-stylish assistant, who I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I just became a fan of on facebook…. She is way more edgy that the above look – super-bleached hair, wears a lot of black etc, but for some reason I just think she is soooo cool.
Who are your current style crushes?
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