Welcome Fall!

I stepped out of my apartment yesterday and fell instantly in love with the cool breeze and Fall like weather. I quickly started dreaming about sweaters, scarves, boots and jeans. Then I reminded myself that although it does cool down here in Hong Kong, we definitely don’t get the full taste of the seasons! So I may not be rocking a comfy cozy oversized sweater anytime soon, but I can still take part in all the latest Fall trends and colours with my hair, makeup and nails!
Whether for your eyes or lips, rich, dark and deep colours like purples and berries are the hottest colours. The key to this season is to accentuate one feature and leave everything else simple, clean and natural. The Spring 2009 runways (which of course showcased the looks of Fall) were heavily focusing on the smokey eye. In fact, the smokey look is back again stronger than ever. Invest in a great black eyeliner girls! If these purple colours don’t suit you, go for the more earthy tones like dark greens, deep browns, luxurious golds and bronzes. The key is to be dramatic yet understated all at the same time.

I say run out now and stock up on bobby pins, hair ties, clips and anything else possible that you can use to put your hair up. This season is all about being sleek and simple. Doesn’t matter how you get your hair up and out of your face….go for an off center chignon, part your hair down the middle and pull it up into a ponytail, or even braid your locks. The other look seen strutting down the catwalk is the Cropped Bob. I love my hair long, so will probably opt for the pulled back look this season. I always wished I had the face that could carry short hair though!

Time to retire the pretty pastels of summer. This Fall go beyond the safe classics and break out the brightest, boldest and most dramatic colours you can find. Like makeup, this season is about purples and violets and it doesn’t matter if you go matte, shiney or glittery. The other great look for this season is white– remember sleek and simple!
Okay, I have a confession….I grew up in Miami, Florida where the only season was hot! So as soon as the weather drops below 23 degrees don’t laugh when you see me wearing my sweaters, scarves and boots!
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