24 October, 2013

Sense Of Touch Medi-Spa – pampering… the scientific way!

24 October, 2013

We’ve always been big fans of Sense Of Touch (they won our Sassy Award 2013 for Best Affordable Spa) so we were intrigued with the latest spa concept, a new medical aesthetic Medi-Spa on Wyndham Street – and of course, we had to send two Sassy guinea pigs to test it out!

First up, Sharon tried their VASER® Shape body shaping treatment, which uses ultrasound and massage therapy to relax and shape the body, and give relief from muscle pain…

The Sense Of Touch Medi-Spa is located right in the hustle and bustle of Central and after a long tiring day, I was pleasantly surprised to see how tranquil and quiet the space was, with four decently-sized treatment rooms (including a couple’s room). Meanwhile, spa manager Winnie took me through the details of the treatment, explaining the theory and science behind VASER® Shape… here goes!

Heating and stimulating the fat cells in certain areas of the body to an optimum temperature (between 37-42°C) causes these cells to melt and with additional stimulation to the lymphatic system, fat and toxins are then expelled through the body’s metabolic system.

The treatment is also said to improve local blood circulation, promoting the reduction of cellulite. It’s claimed that you’ll see visible and measurable results immediately after just one treatment, with the best results seen after five to six sessions. Areas such as the abdomen, love handles, back, upper arms, hips, buttocks or thighs can all be treated.

I was placed in the hands of my therapist Tulsa, who gave me a thorough assessment and took down my various measurements and weight. Since only one area the size of an A4 sheet of paper can be treated at a time, I decided to treat my mum tum… the hardest place for me to lose weight. I was a little apprehensive when I saw the enormous machine with hoses and tubes coming out of it, but Tulsa calmly reassured me that there was no pain involved, only a gentle warmth, pressure and tingling sensation. She was very thorough in explaining each part of the process and extremely knowledgeable about the treatment’s effects on the body.

sense of touch medi spa hong kong Vaser-Shape-Treatment

The first part of the treatment involves manual and technical (using the machine) massage stimulation of lymph nodes in the neck, armpits and inner thigh. The technical part involves a small vacuum-style nozzle that gently cups and sucks parts of the body. This was done on the armpits and neck and is honestly not as bad as it sounds!

The second part involved application of oil to my stomach using pads on the machine to heat the area to the right temperature with a soothing massage action. This was so relaxing that I wanted to fall asleep! The temperature gradually rose and then when my fat cells were ‘cooked’ enough, it was time to use the ultrasound to gently blast the cells away. This was similar to using the gentlest setting on a TENS machine – electrically tingly and perfectly pleasant.

The final stage involves more lymphatic drainage massage and suction to drain away the fat and toxins. I enjoyed this part of the treatment very much; afterwards, Tulsa explained the importance of drinking lots of water to flush out toxins and eating sensibly by cutting the amount of carbs and increasing vegetables and protein in my diet.

So was I able to see any visible reduction? Yes! Whilst the VASER® Shape treatment is not a magic cure-all, my tummy definitely looked tighter and flatter and this is the perfect treatment for the Christmas party season to help you get into those fabulous little party dresses. I left deeply relaxed and very impressed with Tulsa’s knowledge and experience, and will be returning to try some more Medi-Spa treatments as soon as possible!

sense of touch medi spa hong kong Reception

Meanwhile, Rach tried the HydraFacial, a non-invasive facial treatment that helps skin rejuvenation…

I’ll admit to getting the heebie-jeebies on being presented with a six-page consultation form to fill in prior to my treatment (not helped by the fact that the Medi-Spa’s reception area felt a bit like a doctor’s waiting room!) – just what were they going to do to me?! However, Tulsa quickly soothed my worries by telling me that despite the scary-sounding scientific words, the HydraFacial™ was a totally painless treatment… and one where I should see results immediately!

However, if you are in the mood for long relaxing facials, this isn’t it! At just 45 minutes, the HydraFacial™ goes by in a breeze whilst all the work is done using a special machine with an abrasive HydroPeel® tip, which dispenses four different cleansing, hydrating and moisturising solutions onto the skin whilst also simultaneously vacuuming away impurities. The sensation was certainly not at all painful, merely occasional ticklish (meaning it’s impossible to sleep through, so ditch those nap plans) – like little sucker fish puckering away at your face, in a strange sucking-spitting combination!

And now for the science bit…! The four special skin solutions used are Activ-4™ (a cleanser that preps the skin for extraction), Beta-HD™ (used to de-clog pores), Antiox-6™ (which combats free radicals and environmental damage to skin cells) and GlySal™ (a Glycolic and Salicylic Acid combination peel that provides the benefits of a peel without the abrasiveness of one!). You can also opt for a final enhancer of TNS Serum, a revolutionary anti-ageing product that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and improves both your skin tone and texture.

sense of touch medi spa Hydrafacial Allegro Machine

For me, the best part of the treatment was how painless but thorough the extraction phase was. Blackhead extraction can normally be pretty traumatic, but thanks to the HydraFacial™ machine, it just felt like every other part of the treatment, like a mini vacuum hovering away at my pores. You’ll be delighted to hear that all your skin grossness is sucked up into a bottle that you can gawp at after your treatment – weirdly satisfying!

After the machine has strutted its stuff, the more traditional part of the facial kicked in, with a collagen mask accompanied by a lovely head massage. If you really are desperate to schedule in some shut-eye, here’s your chance! Then after a quick dose of Murad moisturiser, I was over and out.

Tulsa warned me that my skin might be a little sensitive post-treatment; you’re recommended to not use exfoliators or facial scrubs for at least a week after and be sure to always apply SPF if you’re heading outdoors as you’re likely burn easier too (but you’re all doing that anyway, right?!). I experienced a little dryness around my lips and nose but otherwise, the effects were all good – brighter, softer, smoother and more relaxed looking skin, and a remarkably blackhead-free zone! I’d definitely consider getting a HydraFacial™ again for a thorough cleanse and extraction, and to keep my skin in tip-top condition in the long run.

The VASER® Shape treatment costs $3,880 for one 60-minute session (or $2,888 until the end of November 2013) or $18,888 for a package of six treatments on one area

The HydraFacial™ costs $1,200 for 45 minutes, or $1,500 including TNS Serum

Sense of Touch Medi Spa  Suite 206-207, 2/F, Yu Yuet Lai Building, 43-55 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
2861 1800  www.sotmedi.com

A true blue Hong Kong girl, Sharon works as an English teacher. When not thinking about or making food, she spends her time at home in Cheung Chau… usually at the beach… With a large cocktail in hand! Follow her on her blog Jasmine and Ginger or Twitter @jasmine_ginger.

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