16 March, 2010

Secret Nail Polish Mecca in Mong Kok

16 March, 2010

We love finding out the hidden secrets of Hong Kong, so we always try to follow up any tips we get from our members in order to share them with you! One such “secret” was passed on to us by Sassy member Gillian, who told us about a little Nail Varnish heaven right in the middle of Mong Kok. With the promise of super-cheap OPI and Essie nail polish on sale, we just had to check it out!

Right on Sai Yeung Choi Street South, you take the (tiny) elevator up to the 8th floor, and look for Room 809 with the Yellow Door. The name of the shop doesn’t actually appear on the listing on the Ground Floor of the building, but trust us, it’s there! As well as OPI and Essie, they also stock lesser-known brand, China Glaze. As I was searching for several of my favourite colours in particular, I can confirm that they do seem to have EVERY SINGLE OPI colour in the range, including the new Hong Kong Collection and the Suede and Matte finish collections. I picked up some favourites: Lincoln Park After Dark, Ate Berries in the Canaries and How Do You Lilac It, and was so happy with the prices. Ranging between $40-$70, this is about 25% of the price you will pay to buy these brands of varnish directly from a salon. It’s also a saving as having my own bottles of polish, I tell myself that I can extend the life of my manicures by touching up chips myself. It’s necessary to remind yourself though of how much you’re saving, as with the prices so low, you can get to the till and discover you’ve racked up quite the bill! Luckily, the shop has a membership discount scheme, where once you’ve spent $1,000, you become a VIP and thereafter get 10% off. I discovered it’s going to be scarily easy to spend that amount!

For me, the only safety for my wallet is that the store’s all the way over in Mong Kok, but we have been told they are also opening a Causeway Bay branch in mid-March!

I (Heart) Cher 2
Room 809, 8/F, Mongkok City Centre
74-84 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok
(Mongkok MTR Station Exit D3, Above Broadway)

I (Heart) Cher 2 Causeway Bay Branch
Flat A, 1/F Po Foo Building
84-94 Percival Street, Causeway Bay

42 thoughts on “Secret Nail Polish Mecca in Mong Kok

  1. wow…i’m scared for my wallet when the cwb location opens
    $40-$70 for OPI and Essie is a major saving from the $100+ i spend on these brands.

    Thanks for letting the secret out of the bag!!

  2. Thanks for the tip!
    I love OPI although some of the new HK collection colours are a bit unusual. ‘Meet me on the Star Ferry’ is a great lilac though.
    Has anyone tried their matte varnishes? Do they last ok?

  3. I’ve actually never tried out the matte polish, but I’ve seen them on other people and they look great! I would guess they might not last as long as you can’t really put a topcoat over them or it would ruin the matte look…

  4. Thanks for the great tip! I’ve been looking every where for OPIs and Essies. Can’t wait for the new cw branch to open.

  5. I can report that the CWB shop is open (if a little hard to find). The entrance is actually off a side road not Percival Street. Excellent range and the prices are amazing.

  6. Does becoming a VIP entail that you must spend HK$1000 in a single receipt or does it include accumulated receipts totaling HK$1000? Thanks!

  7. Hi Tish – becoming a VIP just means spending total $1000. It can be over several visits – they make a note of your name and phone number to keep track of your spending. If you’re anything like me, it will take you 2-3 visits! 😉

  8. Don’t you guys have any doubts that those might be fake. I have seen many perfect fakes in China.

  9. Hi Teresa… yes, I definitely have some doubts about whether they’re 100% genuine, but as it has the identical packaging and effect as the real brands, it doesn’t worry me too much! 😉

  10. hi teresa, no need to worry, cher2 is one of the member of hong kong retail management association, in other words, she wil not sell fake items

  11. The CWB branch is less extensive than the one in Mong Kok. Prices were the same but the collection was way limited.

  12. Gals… it’s LEGIT… I’ve been here many times now, with friends and aunts, come one come all! I like the selection at the MK store better, but very friendly staff at both stores. SO therapeutic to walk into color haven. Happy sigh.

  13. I’m so tempted to go there but so scared!! Is China Glaze any good? I’ve heard people liking that over OPI but I’m curious to know if it lasts that long as some of my OPI polish still chips..

    Does anyone want to share their VIP no?

  14. There’s nothing scary about it – promise! Have actually never tried China Glaze polish before… I’m pretty loyal to Essie and OPI!

  15. I don’t know whether I should thank you for this brilliant find or hate you for the impact it’s had on my bank balance! 😛

    Just wanted to say that in regards to the earlier comment about difference between the CWB and MK branch, I asked staff if there is any difference in stock and they claimed not. Having now visited both branches (yes, I’m an addict!), I can say I don’t think the MK range is any more extensive than CWB’s. In fact, I found some polishes in CWB that had sold out in MK. So I think you’re pretty safe visiting either location!

  16. first of all, thanks to sassy girl for this info.
    i am at that stage where my girlish vices change from time to time. needless to say, i’m into nail polish right now, the expensive ones. i couldn’t find an Essie authorized seller, so i just settle for OPI.
    one day i decided to google Essie seller and discovered this site. i went on to buy 2 bottles of Essie, one is silver and the other one is the same shade as OPI’s you don’t know jacques. I also bought orly’s no chips.
    Essie’s application is smooth, but you have to shake it after a few applications because it thickens if you don’t. i am surprised by the strong chemical smell, though.
    as for orly’s no chips, well, after 2 days my nail polish chipped. i’d probably won’t use this next time and see what happens.

  17. Hi!
    I went to causeway bay yesterday to look for the i <3 cher shop but i couldn't find it AT ALL!!
    I know it is a bit hard to find, but i spent 1 and a half hours looking for it yesterday!! can you please help me by telling me the exact address and possibly what shops are next to it and such….etc? thanks!

  18. Hi Melinda – the exact address is correct as on the bottom of the post… When you’re on Percival Street just look up and you will see it on the first floor as there’s a sign in the window… The entrance to the building is a little bit hidden but it’s next to the bakery… Good luck for next time!

  19. I’m just also thinking, you know that in HK 1/F means the first one up after the ground floor? 🙂

  20. I bought 2 OPIs there and 2 China Glaze polishes in the MK branch. I’m not entirely sure if they are real. Both the OPI’s i bought there (You Don’t Know Jacque and Whats with the Cattitude) chipped really fast.

    After 2 days it was chipping really badly. Also, the What with the Cattitude is really streaky~! I’ve used OPIs many times before but they have never chipped that fast. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I had an even worse experience with the China Glaze polishes. They chipped and streaked really badly! 🙁 I’m not sure if I will go back there…

  21. Can I also find the China glaze crackle there?
    I was looking for it but I can’t find it!!
    Please answer!

  22. Thanks so much for this awesome site! My first time visiting HK in December! Can’t wait to go to this color heaven <3

  23. Hello there! I am going back to Hong Kong soon and I miss the Essie so much that I can’t live without it! Is the Causeway Bay branch still at the same place???

  24. Hey Apple

    Yep pretty much! It is in the same building and floor, but has just moved to the next shop space along (1E). They also now have branches in Mong Kok, Central and Tsim Sha Tsui too! Have fun!

  25. Just got back from the TST location. Oh. Em. Gee. I don’t have anything close to resembling a nail polish store back in my city in Canada. $600 here, bam, no problem. The girl working there was lovely, the selection was great, and I’m so happy with all my new little beauties!! A great find in Hong Kong!!

  26. Really THAT expensive??? wow $40-$70. That’s crazy a lot for a bottle… you can get quite some numbers of online nail polish shop (in Malaysia) who import directly from US and will cost you way cheaper… say OPI for a $10 and Essie for less…

  27. Hi Evey – our prices are in HKD and most nail salons here charge upwards of HK$120 for OPI/Essie polishes, so compared to that Cher2 is super reasonable and probably the cheapest in HK! Please feel free to share any sites you know that ship polish to HK and only cost HK$10 per bottle for legit OPI/Essie – am sure our readers would love to know!

  28. Hi Shenleene

    All the polish stocked at Cher2 costs between $6o-80. I’m pretty sure they have plenty of neon nail polish shades to pick from but it is best to check out the store in-person or have a look at their website here: http://cher2.com/

  29. Have you ever heard polish brand called march or nns or arteos?
    It’s look like they from hongkong, has good quality and safe..
    not the dangerous super cheap type of polish..
    i want to try , but with lots of fake item in China, i really want to make sure these brand are good..

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