10 October, 2012
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Sassy’s Midweek Minis – 10 October

10 October, 2012
There’s always so much great stuff going on in Hong Kong that it can be hard to keep track… and Sassy is no exception! So here’s another batch of Sassy’s Midweek Minis, a bite-sized catch-up session of whatever articles have been inspiring Team Sassy recently. Here’s hoping you’ll find some mid-week inspiration thanks to our Midweek Minis too!

1. This placeis becoming an addiction! The four topping flat is my go-to (mmm… haloumi and roasted veg) and they are super hearty, keeping me full as I dash around town finding new spots to tell you about!2. I picked up a necklace from here a few months ago and have been surprised by how much I wear it – it instantly perks up any outfit! You can find them at The9thMuse or Alexa & Todd.

3. I have a few trips on the horizon and for once, know exactly what to pack. Thanks to this, I can pack for an entire month in just one carry-on bag… Now I just need to decide on the jewels and shoes!


1. So the big news from me – I’m moving to Singapore at the end of the month! I couldn’t be more excited… but I’m not loving NOT shopping for a winter wardrobe (it’s just too hot there!). I’m splashing out on this clutch to make up for not being able to buy new boots and woolies!

2. To kickstart a fitness regime again (it’s been a while!), I’m doing a yoga detox with Maura where we’ll be enjoying daily juices from these folks… Wish us luck!

3. If you’re looking for a seaside treat, head down to Stanley and check out this super-cute new café.



1. I went here for lunch AND dinner yesterday – completely unplanned and completely delicious!

2. Totally putting this on my to-watch-SOON list…

3. The dry season is upon us and we all know what that means! Time to stock up on lotions that smell oh-so-heavenly. Where better than here?





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