16 August, 2014

Sassy’s Guide to Wedding Gift Registry Companies in Hong Kong

16 August, 2014

Nobody wants to be given three Miele toasters on their wedding day and your guests will definitely want to give you gifts you’ll continue to cherish for the rest of your life. Cull the clutter with Sassy’s Top Wedding Registries for your perfect stress-free wedding: if you want your guests overseas to be able to get in on the gift-giving fun or to fund your honeymoon getaway, we’ve got a list of options for you below!


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This is probably a better option for those of you out there who aren’t so sure what you want yet and have a lot of overseas guests. Amazon’s wedding registry is the closest that we’ll ever get to a truly universal wedding gift service, literally anything on the website is up for grabs and can be added to your wish list. Once your guests buy something off your wedding registry, they’ll pop up in your Thank You List so you know exactly who to send that thank you note to. If you’re struggling for ideas, Amazon actually has a Most Registered for page where you can see what other couples have been coveting. From the mundane non-stick baking mat to a cheeky deck of Cards Against Humanity, there’s something here for everyone. You’ll even get a 10% completion discount once you and your hubby are finished compiling the list so you can get in on the gift-shopping fun as well!

Amazon, www.amazon.com


Buy Our Honeymoon
If you’re the couple that already has everything or zen enough not to worry about material things, why not ask your guests to pitch in for the trip of a lifetime? Buy Our Honeymoon’s award winning online service has been the talk of the wedding industry and allows you to create beautiful customised wedding registries for your guests to peruse. The awesome thing is if you don’t know where to begin or need some honeymoon inspiration, Buy Our Honeymoon’s hundreds of sample registries should do the trick but they also have a unique Helping Hand option to suggest things you may have forgotten about or may want to do along the way. The great thing is that you have complete freedom over how you go about organising your honeymoon as well-there’s no need to tie yourself down to flight companies and hotels forced on you. Guests will be able to choose how they want to pay as well, whether they transfer the money directly into your bank account or via secure providers like Stripe and Paypal. You’ll be able to try their great services for a free one week trial before deciding if you want to commit to the slightly steep price tag, but with a number of thoughtful details like displaying prices in multiple currencies and the choice to keep the registry open for as long as you want, this wedding registry a cut above the rest.

The first week trial is free and the service costs $64 after that.

Buy Our Honeymoon, www.buy-our-honeymoon.com


Double Happiness
Now wedding gift registries aren’t exactly Chinese tradition, but the homegrown gift registry Double Happiness begs to differ. The online service offers over seventy international merchants, including Miele and Wedgwood, for wedding couples to choose from and is a gateway for smaller boutique shops to get in on the wedding action as well, allowing you an exclusive wealth of choice. What struck us the most though was the fact that their wedding registry services also offer a Well Wishing Fund (money to contribute generally towards your new life together) and a Gifts of Charity fund, if you want to share your happiness with those less fortunate than you. The entire service is free and easy to use and also has options for wedding couples to source their wedding guest favours and wines through them as well-we love it when everything’s all in one place.

Double Happiness, 3008 5775, www.doublehappiness.com.hk

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Essential Fine Wines
Why ask for a fancy hand towel when you can ask for something that can be enjoyed with your friends? Essential Fine Wines now have a wedding registry service that allows couples to hand select the premier wines, spirits and craft beers of their personal taste, all with the help of the help of their seasoned connoisseurs.  While a lot of couples tend to use their service as a part of their bridal wedding list, Essential Fine Wines also offers their services to elevate your destination wedding-helping guests bring a bottle of vino or bubbly to make your big day one you’ll never forget.  They’re a great way to kickstart a wine collection with the person that you love and an excuse to throw dinner parties to thank the people you love.

Essential Fine Wines, 6/F, 8 On Wo Lane, Central, Hong Kong, 3679 3655, www.efw.com.hk


The Gift Box
Wedding gift registries are popping up all over Hong Kong like daisies and The Gift Box is definitely one of the better ones. Recommended by one of our favourite wedding planners Sejal at The Tale of 2 (see our wedding planner round up here!), their all-in-one wedding registry service allows guests to choose from a handpicked selection of high quality products ranging from tableware to even baby products for those of you getting busy on your honeymoon. And speaking of your honeymoon, The Gift Box actually has a Honeymoon Registry option in collaboration with a Hong Kong bespoke tour operator called Lightfoot Travel. Guests can contribute towards Lightfoot Travel gift vouches which the wedding couple can redeem for an adventure of a lifetime, whether that be in the lap of luxury in the Maldives or exploring the ocean depths on a scuba expedition in Raja Ampat. The online wedding registry service also provides the option for couples to send adorable invitation insert cards to send to their guests as well and the best thing is that you don’t have to worry about lugging your treasure trove back home from the wedding, you can have everything delivered to an address of your choice!

The Gift Box, Gift Box Hong Kong Limited, Room 1307-8, Dominion Centre, 43-59 Queen’s Road East, Wanchai, Hong Kong, 2812 9151, www.thegiftbox.com.hk

Images of Harvey Nichols Flagship store in Pacific Place HK

Harvey Nichols
This premier UK retailer caused nothing short of a media tsunami when they announced that they were opening stores in Hong Kong and now you can ask your guests to help with your homeware indulgences. They offer in-store wedding registry services and their polite floor assistants will assist you every step of the way, from helping you select the best pieces for your life together to notifying your guests with an updated wedding register whenever something is purchased. You don’t even have to worry about how you’re going to get all your goodies home-with their delivery service, they’ll be waiting for you when you get home.

Harvey Nichols, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong, 3968 2668, www.blog.harveynichols.com.hk


The story behind Honeyfund is one that might be familiar for those of you getting married in the near future. A couple wanted to go to Fiji for their honeymoon but found they didn’t have the money, they already had everything they needed in their home as far as wedding gifts went so they decided to set up a free honeymoon registry service to get everything sorted! Our upcoming That Bride Vanessa Yeo actually used them to get her Italian honeymoon funded by her generous guests, so we’ve got insider knowledge on this one. Guests have the option to either physically fork over the cash on your wedding day or pay online through PayPal for more convenience, especially since you don’t want to be handling silly amounts of money on your wedding day. With over a billion Hong Kong dollars raised by every couple that’s chosen Honeyfund, you’ll have that trip to Paris in the works in no time. Bon voyage, mon chéries!

Honeyfund, www.honeyfund.co.uk


The Landmark
You probably know how much we love Pinterest judging from our avid pinning addiction here, which is why The Landmark’s gift registry format had us all itching to click on everything. The incredible selection covers all the brands in the luxury shopping haven and even offers a wedding list option, so that the bride and groom can keep their wedding groceries list for the nuptials organised. The online service is easy to use, allowing you to select a number of categories and to even filter your selection out by brands. (We adore Baccarat’s gorgeous ruby champagne flutes and naturally La Maison Du Chocolat’s droolworthy macaroon set.) The site’s a little misleading in the sense that you can’t actually purchase anything on the online registry site, your guests will have to go to the boutique and buy the gift in person which is a bit of an issue for overseas guests.  In any case, it’s still a wonderful idea and we hope to see other shopping malls set up a similar system soon.

The Landmark, Central, Hong Kong, 2500 0500, www.landmark.hk


Lane Crawford
We know we’ve passed through Lane Crawford before with nothing short of lust and brides-to-be, now’s your chance to get your hands on that tea set you’ve been eyeing. Lane Crawford offers an awesome complimentary wedding gift registry that guests can access from anywhere. With over six hundred luxury brands, you and your fiancé will be running past the china like kids again for whatever shiny thing catches your eye next. Unfortunately the service isn’t online yet which makes it a bit of a tricky one for overseas guests, but we’ve heard a rumour that it’s currently in the works.

Lane Crawford, Podium 3, IFC Mall, 8 Finance Street, Central, 2118 2288, www.lanecrawford.com

With so many locations, you weren’t really going to make us list them all out, were you? Check out their locations list here. 


Tequila Kola
For the uninitiated, Tequila Kola is Hong Kong’s answer to the boring Ikea household with a selection of statement furniture pieces to die for. They’re actually a Sassy favourite of ours (check out our review here) and their eclectic collection from furniture suppliers around the world will have something for everyone. Their helpful staff will even help you gift wrap and deliver your presents on top of managing your bridal registry, making sure that both you and your guests enjoy a stress-free experience.

Tequila Kola, 1/F, Horizon Plaza, Ap Lei Chau, 2877 3295, www.tequilakola.com


We know you’re excited about all this gift giving, but you’re probably going to need a wedding first before you set up a registry. Why not check out Sassy’s other Hong Kong wedding guides or see what our That Brides had to say about their own experiences? 


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