26 January, 2015
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Sassy Supports: ReDress

26 January, 2015
What is Redress?
Redress is a local NGO that aims to make green the new black by encouraging key players and emerging fashion designers to take environmentally friendly steps towards changing the industry. Set up in 2007, these do-gooders have links all over the world as well as our little city and reach out to everybody at every step of the process: from factories to big name fashion brands.image1What’s it for?
Now we love our threads ladies, but there’s an awful lot of waste that goes into making them unfortunately. With over 20 million tonnes of textile waste discarded annually in China alone, completely reusable fabrics are tossed away by factories and on a more personal level, we’re throwing out perfectly good pieces of clothing without thinking of ways to recycle it. Combine this with the energy, chemicals and miscellaneous materials that build up the production chain and the fashion industry quickly becomes a hotbed of pollution.Redress aims to educate the public about the environmental issues behind their #OOTDs and encourage key players to go green through their four programmes below:

  • The EcoChic Design Award, an environmental design competition for fashion students and new designers
  • R Cert, an transparent eco-standard (with a minimum of 20% recycle fibres per product) for brands to implement
  • Consumer Campaigns, educational measures to teach the public about fashion pollution through workshops and more
  • Industry engagement, inviting key players leading the sustainable fashion for seminars etc., performing research and collaborating with notable fashion brands

image2What can you do to help?
Get informed, ladies! Redress needs ladies like you to go about spread awareness about the issues surrounding the fashion frontier and their message of eco-positivity: keep an eye out for their lectures, workshops and seminars as well. They’ve even put together an amazing list of approved boutiques, retailers as well as a number of extra resources so that you can do your part in reducing waste. Alternately if you’ve got a little more time on your hands, Redress also runs a great internship programme and are always looking for skilled volunteers so drop them a line here.

Redress, www.redress.com.hk

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