14 July, 2010
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Sassy Scoop: Twangoo has the Sweetest Deals for You

14 July, 2010

What’s Twangoo?

You’ve probably heard a lot of buzz lately about the power of “collective buying”, which means being able to get great deals through special websites that bring together large groups of buyers. Twangoo is the cutest site of the bunch, so we wanted to tell all you Sassy girls about it and get you in on the bargains!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Every day, there’s a new deal on twangoo.com (they’ll spread the news via Facebook and Twitter too)
  2. If you’re interested, go to www.twangoo.com and buy the deal in just a few clicks.
  3. Once the minimum number of buyers is reached, the deal is on and you receive the voucher (the “Twangoo”!). You can print it and use it at your convenience.
  4. If the minimum number of buyers is not reached, the deal is off and you are not charged.

Super-simple, right? So without further ado, here’s the first great deal…

Discover Your Inner Diva!

The gym is soooo yesterday – who can get inspired by pumping iron when the summer sun is shining and there’s so much fun to be had? You need a workout that unleashes your wild side and gives you extra confidence on the dance floor (and dare we say it, in the bedroom!), with the added benefits of tightening those abs and toning up your thighs. Pole Divas are the best of the best when it comes to teachers, and with Twangoo you can get an hour’s private training lesson with them at their studio in Central for half price! That’s a saving of $375 on a lesson which is normally $750.

With so many nightclubs adding poles at the moment (Roxie and Volar spring to mind), you can even show off your new moves on a night out… Or perhaps you have a friend in mind who could do with a little added spice in her life? You can gift this experience to a buddy – the perfect present for a birthday or a hen night! This particular Twangoo experience is good for 90 days, so you don’t have to use it right away.

As with all Twangoo deals, it’s a limited offer so the time is ticking away… You can head over to the Twangoo deal page now to take full advantage!

Mmmmmm… bargains make us feel warm and fuzzy all over…

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