14 June, 2010

Sassy Scoop: Serpentine Launches at CARAT*

14 June, 2010

Snakes have been tempting us since the Garden of Eden and as frightful as they may be we think it is pretty sexy to rock a serpent on your finger or wrist. CARAT’s* latest collection, Serpentine is inspired by Greek Mythology (think Medusa and Rod of Asclepius) and it launches in stores today.

The line is all about the slink and the slither with edgy snakes predominately featured on sterling silver bracelets, cuffs and rings. The trendy line will captivate you with black, white and champagne stimulant diamonds and the pieces scream ultimate rocker chic. Bursts of colour shine through in the stingray skin cuffs as well as the very seductive ruby red snake eyes. With names like Cobra, Boa, Mamba and Venom we think these are the coolest jewels in town!

Left: Cobra ring in white enamel, Right: Mamba ring in white gold

Left: Venom cuff bangle, Right: Boa bangles

In true CARAT* style, Serpentine is all about glitz, glam and affordability (compared to real diamonds of course!). The simulated and synthetic gemstones are meant to be worn and not locked away for safe keeping like your grandmother’s heirloom diamonds. While the pieces are undeniably fancy the prices, dear friends, certainly are not.

Surely, you must be tempted already so we can’t forget to tell you that the line starts at $1,500 and is available starting today at all CARAT* stores and boutiques.

CARAT* Store Locations:
Lane Crawford, Times Square, 3101 1590
Lane Crawford, Canton Road 3101 1550
IFC, Central 2234 7372
Harvey Nichols, The Landmark 3695 3202
Seibu, Pacific Place 2971 3853
Harbour City, TST 3101 1510

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