11 July, 2011

Sassy Scoop: Meet Cambridge’s Sassy Consultant

11 July, 2011
We’ve all heard of Cambridge Weight Plan; the weight loss programme that has taken Hong Kong by storm as it’s so easy to fit in with our busy lifestyles. We chat to Kirin, one of Cambridge’s very sassy consultants, about her own weight loss journey (almost 20kgs and counting!) and she opens up about how she keeps her fab new figure…

How did you first hear about Cambridge?
I was sick of being fat and dieting unsuccessfully. I saw the Cambridge ad in The List Magazine and phoned straightaway.

What made you decide to take the step to start on the Cambridge plan?
I was sick of yo-yo diets and the Cambridge approached really appealed to me. I needed something that would make a permanent change.

What results did you find by following Cambridge?
The weight loss happened immediately. It was gradual at first but the more I believed in it, the better my results got and the more motivated I became. I’ve now lost almost 20kgs since December.

How did the Cambridge plan fit in with your daily routine?
Being a very busy person, I was hooked on always grabbing a muffin and coffee to go. Cambridge Weight Plan allowed me to make something in the office kitchen that was fast, nutritious and delicious. It was so easy to do and I didn’t feel hungry. Adding a shake in the late afternoon really helped avoid an energy drop and meant that I wasn’t too hungry when I got home. If I was working late I could make a Cambridge soup in the office.

Why do you think it’s difficult to live a healthy lifestyle in Hong Kong?
I think that there are two reasons why it’s difficult: it’s the constant stress of making money and trying to fit everything in to the day, and it’s easier to grab a sandwich from an outlet rather than bringing a healthy lunch from home.

Everything is also becoming so expensive. I recently paid HK$36 for a small cup of decent coffee. Sometimes we choose the cheaper options even though they are very unhealthy.

What tips do you have for girls who are thinking of getting started with a weight loss programme?
Start with Cambridge right away! It’ll save you the way it saved me… And is continuously saving my clients. At the weekly meetings we guide our clients towards making healthy choices, so an important tip is to make sure you choose a weight loss plan with support – such as Cambridge!

Work out a realistic weight loss plan – talk to with a consultant to design something that will really work for you.

Was there anything tricky or difficult about following the Cambridge plan?
Well, I broke my ankle in the middle of my weight loss journey (as you can see from my “before” pic above!) but my consultant ensured that I could continue. She actually came to visit me in my home, which was so kind.

How did you decide to become a Cambridge consultant yourself?
I really wanted to give back to the company what it gave me, to be honest. I learnt to believe in myself and to have a vision of how healthy and energetic I could be. I didn’t have to plead too hard to become a consultant having complied with all the rules to become a Consultant, the Director could sense my passion for Cambridge and see the results of my weight loss.

What do you hope that girls who try the Cambridge plan will get out of it?
Weight loss for those who want it, Self-belief and faith that they will be supported by their consultant all the way, a boost to self esteem and a healthier lifestyle. We all deserve it!

Kirin is a new member of the Cambridge HK team and is keen to share the benefits of a healthy and stable lifestyle. She offers support and encouragement to those who struggle with the hurdles of Hong Kong’s busy life. An energetic and enthusiastic mother of two girls based in Whampoa, she is available to see clients in Admiralty, Tsim Sha Tsui and Hung Hom.

Call Kirin on 90474407 or email  [email protected]. Looking for a consultant in your area? Email [email protected] to find out who can help you…

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