30 June, 2015

Sassy Horoscopes for July

30 June, 2015
July is buzzing with astrological activity, as we see two powerful full moons, one early in the month on Thursday 2 July, the next at the end of the month on Friday 31 July. This particular point of the lunar cycle is optimum for acknowledging what has come to fruition, so take the opportunity to celebrate! See what’s come full circle for you and don’t forget to make wishes and set your intentions on the new moon on Thursday, 16 July. It’s all in our Sassy Horoscopes below!

July promises fireworks for Aries, especially where work is concerned – you could have cause for celebration in professional matters, but juggling home and career could be revealed as a priority. Balance isn’t usually your forte but you’ll find yourself forced to acknowledge your emotional needs, and how you operate in the world – your outward projection and reputation versus domestic concerns. The first full moon on Thursday 2nd is a key date to keep your cool. There should be less pressure after the 9th and by the end of the month you’re ready to get out and about with a crowd and your significant other. Celebrate your network on the 31st and meet-up with friendly faces, new and old. Creativity and romance are sweet-spots for you all month long, in particular, the last week of July is a prime time to meet a new love or truly enjoy your relationship. The 16th could bring some good news about home…

July offers you security in spades – the home is receiving positive energy now and you could have some fantastic intuition around financing domestic issues, for example home improvements – or even a new home! The next couple of months can be great for looking at your space, revamping and re-organising where and how you want to live, and also re-visiting any outstanding family matters… July is also a month that supports your networking and you can really start to think about the connections that you’d like to have in your circle in the remainder of the year and into 2016 – who would be a great addition to your social network? You’re given the opportunity to acknowledge your growth and learning early in the month, so at the end of the month you’ll be able to see your strengths and achievements on the work front – celebrate your successes Taurus!

Last months Mercury Retrograde fades from memory as your ruling planet powers forward in July. You’re making some great progress now: networking, travel, short courses and socialising with friends are all favoured – expect an unexpected trip this month! The 15th and 16th stand out as key dates for you to put a finger on your personal values, and what you hold near and dear. You can really plan your personal finances and where you’d like to be by the end of the year. Another matter that comes under review is how you give and receive resources – including your most intimate and personal energies. It could get heavy early in the month, as the depths of your psyche are bought up for examination – fleeting but pretty intense on the 2nd. Interaction with an influential woman could prove important this month, a chance meeting could be lucky for you socially or give a boost to your networking circle.

Happy Birthday Cancer! Lets hope the weather is good for your month of celebration as you’re feeling full of energy and raring to go – it’s truly a powerful time for you to get moving across your personal projects as the planet of action is present in your sign, spurring you on. You have the potential to realise your goals and ambitions – simply seize the day! The new moon mid-month offers the right conditions for Cancerians to manifest all they want for the next six months, so take a moment to consider what you’d like to have by January 2016. Watch out for pushy partners – at home or at work, or even domineering friends. You can really stand up for yourself now, setting boundaries, asserting yourself and getting the best outcome for you. This is a great time for financial abundance too and you could be getting a boost to your bank balance over the coming weeks, how welcome!

There’s quite a bit of soul searching going on with Leo now, underneath all the excitement that’s going on! Though life is really moving forward, you’re in a phase of retrospect. It’s time to nurture yourself and look after your health and wellbeing – especially in the first few weeks of July. Your daily routine: work habits, diet, exercise, general tasks and commitments, all these things are getting your attention but you can also draw inward now, tapping into your subconscious patterns. Try and take your foot off the pedal until after the 23rd, when the Sun moves into your sign and relights your fire. Generally speaking you’re undergoing a great period – it’s a rare lucky streak for you so if things have been going your way there’s an underlying astrological reason. July will just feel sweeter – the good times are going to keep on coming, however take the party out of they city if you can. Head into nature for a bit of R&R and celebrate your partnerships on the 31st.

July keeps you busy Virgo – just how you like it! But it also delivers a very special message on the 2nd, possibly about your romantic relationship. Keep your ears pricked, as though you might want to be burning the midnight oil with friends or finishing up at the office, it’s worth making time for your lover tonight, too. Social activity may well take your attention for most of the month, with the Sun and Mars lighting up your friendship zone – expect to be in demand and do take the phone off the hook (or switch to silent!) if you’d rather sit out of the excitement. You’re inclined to draw your focus inward now, and luck favours introspection. You’re being given a unique opportunity to prepare, and line up your ducks for the 11th August, when Jupiter moves into your sign. Venus joins him October 9th, from this point all eyes are really on you. Feel free to use the run-up to this period to dream, incubate or simply hold back a little. Conversations with friends around the 15th could get emotional – have a hanky handy.

July is all about getting out and about among friends and groups of likeminded peers – especially ones that connect you to women. You could be introduced to lifelong friends now so make yourself available for party invites and remain open to the possibilities. Your foundations and family are given the spotlight early in the month, it may be an opportunity to see what needs to go – this could be a physical clear out on the home front, or a metaphorical analogy for old ways of operating in your domestic set-up. You might get the urge to purge and do some some deep cleaning or make major changes. Thankfully, clarity will most likely come easily on the matter. You have a lot of stamina for professional endeavors this month, your energy is incredible and you can really put voice to your dreams for the six months ahead. Do allow a few days for fun from the 30th – you have a gorgeous weekend ahead that can be filled with fun, romance and summer lovin’!


It’s a great month for Scorpio. You’re offered fertile ground around your professional path and can look ahead to the next steps in advancing in your chosen career. Harness this sense of abundance – ride the wave and make the most of it by networking and developing your connections. Social media could be a great tool for you now and if learning, education or travel is required to support your goals, then it’s a wonderful time to launch into these activities – start a course, improve your skills, attend a seminar or take an extra curricular program. Your mind maybe working overtime on the 2nd and obsessive or deep thoughts could surface, but your focus is really on expanding your consciousness this month. With prospects booming now, you might want to set aside time for family and the homestead – the 31st is the best date to celebrate your nurturing source.

Lucky Sagittarius has travel highlighted this month – you could be invited on a trip or vacation so if you’re thinking of holidays, it’s a great time to be in the wanderlust mindset. A long distance journey could be on the cards, if you’re offered the opportunity go! Your career takes precedence later in the year so seize the day while you can, you’ll be more disciplined come September. July spotlights your resources and what you value, so you might want to take a close look at your financial situation on the 2nd, and talk with your partner in order to plan (and evaluate) accordingly. By the 16th you’ll be ready for a fresh start, use your intuition and be realistic about money matters and expenses, how you spend and your cash flow. Others will be helpful so do discuss with partners – business, romantic and people who might be able to support you. You may get a loan to support you with a course, education or even a business idea.


You’ve been making incredible change over the past few years Capricorn and the full moon on the 2nd hints at your progress – take some time out to really revel in how far you’ve come! You’re an ambitious soul but sometimes you’ve got to look back on your path and give yourself a pat on the back. You’ll get good news around your resources this month Capricorn, you could be the beneficiary of money that comes from an external source or you could have a positive outcome around legal matters of a financial nature. Other people are receiving the full force of your undivided attention for the first few weeks of July – expect your relationships to get deeper and more intense! Physical activity with your significant other could help you let off steam. Seeds planted at the new moon on the 16th will come to fruition at the full moon in January, when the sun is in your sign, so set intentions that you want to see blossom around your next birthday.

Early July is a great time to retreat from the madness – a holiday break or time away from it all is an excellent idea for Aquarius. While you’re enjoying the downtime take a moment for self-analysis, it’s a prime time to ponder “What is it that holds me back?” and on the other hand “What it is that drives me forward?”. Your motivations for work and your subconscious incentives could be revealed… If health matters have been bothering you, now is an opportune time to address them, you might find they’re swiftly and easily resolved. On the 31st you can celebrate all your achievements to date, big and small – with the full moon in your sign it’s all about you! This month you could be getting some great support this month from outside sources, be it romantic relationships, friends, colleagues or business partners. You can take your union to the next level, taste an even sweeter flavour of love or meet the person of your dreams this summer!

This is such a fun month for Pisces, you could feel the impulse to go out and play, have fun in the sun and just hang out with friends. Your creativity can soar and whether single or attached be open and ready for love and romance – you could get totally swept off your feet! Work is looking good too, you might have new colleagues that sweeten the atmosphere or experience a beautification of your workspace! Health and fitness can be reviewed now, make the most of your gym membership, get a check-up and visit the dentist, or going big on increasing your vitamins. It’s a favourable time to buy in some healthy foodstuffs, but no need to overstock the cupboards! At the end of the month you can tap into your dreams – Friday the 31st July sees a full moon that supports the release of emotions beneath the surface, it could be cathartic to spend an evening acknowledging the hidden depths of your psyche. The 8th is a star day for your creativity.

Dates are for Hong Kong, rest of the world will vary. 

Lead image sourced via Pinterest, Horoscope images by Prince Lauder from Vogue Mexico, sourced via Star Sign Style.
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