1 August, 2012

Sassy DIY: make your own chain waterfall ring

1 August, 2012

I love statement jewellery and anyone who knows me, or indeed has read my blog will know that I also love rings (…can you see where I’m going with this?!). I love that this DIY Waterfall Ring goes with everything but is still unique in the contrasting colours of the chains. Plus, the chains swish from side to side – it’s like a mini finger massage when you’re wearing it! If you head over to any of the haberdasheries in Sham Shui Po, you can find a range of chains in different colours so you can mix and match to suit whatever your colour preference.

This particular DIY project has been one of my favourites and that’s certainly saying something! It doesn’t require too much in terms of materials nor effort – all you need is a pair of pliers and a little bit of patience. Go on, have a go!

What you need:

  • One ring with two rows of four loops attached
  • One yard rose gold chain
  • One yard black chain
  • 24 small metal ring links
  • A pair of pliers


1.    Cut both the chains into one inch pieces (should make 12 pieces each)

2.    Using the pliers, hook each chain piece onto the ring’s loops – three chain pieces per loop.

3.    Alternate the colours of the chain for each ring loop, i.e. two black pieces with one rose gold in one loop, then two rose gold and one black piece in the next loop.

How easy is that? Trust me – this piece is worth trying out if you’re just dipping a toe into the world of DIY and crafts. Just stay patient (I’m not the most dextrous person so losing my grip on some ring links did get quite frustrating at times) and in no time, you’ll have your own gorgeous statement ring to be worn day or night with any outfit!

Check out more of Vanessa’s fantastic DIY projects, plus all things fashionable and fabulous, on her blog All Things Indulgent!

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