9 December, 2014

Sassy Blogger Meet-up at LUSH Beauty School in Mongkok, Hong Kong!

9 December, 2014

Our previous blogger meet-up saw us creating gorgeous DIY macramé at the oh-so-beautiful A Pair and A Spare studio (check it out here) and our most recent get-together continued the DIY theme. This time we got our gorgeous Sassy bloggers together for an exciting beauty workshop at LUSH in Mong Kok – bring on the beauty DIY!


Conveniently located in bustling Mong Kok, the split-level shop is right next to the MTR station. The bottom level is the main shopping area and we were overwhelmed (in a good way!) by the range of colourful and quirky products that were on display as we made our way to the party room upstairs.

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The whole shop manages to reflect the philosophy of LUSH in its decor – a lot of wood is used, from the staircase to the furniture, and this earthy and eco-friendly vibe is not only welcoming but also reinforces their ethical, handmade beliefs.  Once inside the party room, we were warmly greeted by Charlene and her energetic LUSH party team, and of course, a table of scrumptious bites for us to nibble on!

DSCF8345webThe room was the perfect size for a small party and can comfortably fit 12-18 people, ideal for us! While we were waiting for everyone to arrive, we did some catching up and treated ourselves to the beautifully displayed munchies that included cheese sticks, fruit platters, chocolate brownies, cookies and more… #sassyeats. To kick of the beauty party and get everyone comfortable, the LUSH team invited us to start with an ice breaker game. We threw around a gooey-jello soap (and we were all quite amazed that it was an actual piece of soap!) while we called each other’s name out and told the group one thing that we liked about ourselves!


It was definitely a great warm up and got everyone laughing and ready for the group activities that were to follow after. We were taken downstairs for a brief shop tour, where we were spraying, sniffing, touching and trying some of the different products as Charlene and her team introduced us to their latest collections and and best-sellers. We were all getting excited but before we had the chance to grab a basket and start shopping, we were invited back to the party room for some DIY fresh face-mask making!


The LUSH team had planned out everything so well… they’d already laid out three sets of mask-making ingredients and tools while we were downstairs, so we could get right to business once we returned!


Then they let us in on what we would actually be making – our very own mixture for a blueberry face-mask! We were split into three teams with a few LUSH members helping us out and instructing us with what to do…


We started off by mushing up a generous portion of blueberries, and although we were given a spatula to use, we couldn’t resist getting in there and using our hands (with gloves on of course!).


After plenty of mushing and mixing, we threw all the other ingredients into the mixing bowl: Calamine Powder, Irish Moss, Glycerine and Almond Oil. We stirred them all together to create a paste like texture that actually looked a lot like a scoop of ice cream! We then emptied the bowl and scooped everything into small containers to take one home. Voila! We had our very own natural, handmade face-masks. And if you keep the pot, you can go back to LUSH for a free re-fill…


Charlene was then ready to show us some facial massaging techniques that we could practice on others after the workshop, (that meant we wouldn’t have to take our make-up off then and there!). We were then asked to practise these massage techniques on a partner… luckily just on their arms and hands though! After a scrub, moisturise and super relaxing hand and arm massage, we were left with baby soft silky smooth skin for a good few days!

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Time always passes by too quickly when you’re having fun, which was definitely the case with LUSH Party. Before we knew it, the party was over, but luckily we were each treated to a $150 voucher to use downstairs in the store!

Personally, I found it really difficult to choose because almost everything took my fancy! I was quite ready to pay for any amount exceeding $150, and I couldn’t resist looking at the pre-wrapped Christmas presents and gift packages. In the end, I walked away with a gorgeous lip scrub and a charity pot of hand and body butter… Christmas just came early!


All in all, we had an amazing time at the Sassy blogger meet up; it couldn’t have happened without the LUSH party team, and of course, our fab bloggers! LUSH is definitely the ultimate place to have fun, small-sized gatherings like these, everything was spectacularly planned and there’s simply nothing that we could complain about. Ideal for a unique baby shower or birthday party! This is the place to be if you are looking to have a fun get-together with some girlfriends over the weekend, click here for more info. We can’t wait to go back!

LUSH Mong Kok, 68 Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 2391 0600, www.lush-hk.com

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