19 March, 2010

Sara’s Henna

19 March, 2010

Last night I popped in to Kanchan Couture to check out the Artistic Fusion -Henna and Fashion event. Kanch teamed up with Sara from Sara’s Henna and the result was a lovely combination of east meets west. Almost immediately after I walked in I met Sara who is just adorable. She is so enthusiastic about her passion for henna and her work is absolutely amazing. After looking at Kanch’s colourful clothes and putting a few new items on my wish list I sat down for my very first henna tattoo. I picked the spot where I wanted it to go and let Sara’s creativity come out to play. It took about 5 minutes for the small piece that I received and she told me that it can take up to 5 hours when she is doing bridal henna!

As this was my very first time getting henna I needed the 411 on henna and how long it lasts etc.. and here is what I discovered:
– Sara always tries to use henna that is 100% natural and she will be sure to let you know whether it has chemicals or not.
– Henna is a temporary stain and lasts about 2 weeks on thicker, dry skin and 3-10 days on thinner skinned areas such as the arms, chest and back.
– The depth of the colour depends on the length of time you leave it on your skin and it also depends on what part of the body you get it on. It becomes darkest when you get it on a part of the body that is hot such as your palms.

Since I will never have the guts to get a real tattoo this is the perfect option for me. Sara loves doing events and she is a natural party planner so if you are looking for something creative for your next party or hen night then contact Sara and she will be sure to bring a unique twist to your next party. I have a feeling you may be seeing her at a Sassy event soon!

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