18 September, 2015

Ryder Diamonds Celebrates their 10-year anniversary!

18 September, 2015

Has it really been 10 years?! The incredible Ryder Diamonds is celebrating ten years bringing sparkles to the lovers and sartorialists of Hong Kong with a romantic relaunch of their website, plus a cheeky online discount for Sassy Girls and a beautifully shot video of their jewellers doing what they do best.

If you’ve never heard of Ryder Diamonds before, we’ll clue you in: this independent jeweller founded by Sally Ryder creates stunning statement pieces, specialising in engagement rings. Whether you want something totally unique with their 5-6 week bespoke service or want something from their timeless ready-to-wear Ryder Collection, this is your diamond dream team.

They’re one of the few experienced jewellers who still practice hand craftsmanship and it shows – you can always tell the difference between a lovingly-crafted Ryder Diamonds piece versus mass-machine produced bling. In fact, they’re so renowned for their commitment to the dying art that they’ve attracted some of the best artisans in Hong Kong with over 30 years of experience under their tool belt.

Each of their carefully selected diamonds and handcrafted settings tells a story, including our That Bride Kimberly Mills’ gorgeous heirloom engagement ring. With the new website, you’ll even be able to snag some quality bling with just the click of a button.

You’re more than welcome to watch your piece come to life by popping over to their in-house workshop, where their lovely fine diamond jewellers will be happy to walk you through everything mid-production. The founder, Sally Ryder, is still very much involved with the creative process and you can see her at work above. There’s no denying that a diamond’s a big investment and knowing that you can be involved at every step of the journey is just such a relief.

Sassy Special Offer

Looking to score some bling? To celebrate their new website, Ryder Diamonds is offering Sassy Girls $1,000 off all Ryder collection pieces when you purchase online on their website! All you need to do is slap in the code ‘sassy1000‘ before Saturday, 31 October, 2015 and you’ll be set for that sweet bargain.

Ryder Diamonds, 10/F, Kimley Commercial Building, 142-146 Queens Road, Central, Hong Kong, 2805 2589, www.ryderdiamonds.com


Brought to you in partnership with Ryder Diamonds
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