21 May, 2012

Rodial Freeze Time Facial – turn back time at Bliss Spa

21 May, 2012

It’s no secret that I am a Bliss Spa junkie. The spa, the products, the brownies… I love it. Until now, I have always signed up for the full Bliss experience, indulging in their signature treatments using their signature products; however, Bliss Spa in The W Hong Kong has recently started offering some interesting treatments showcasing other brands, so I decided it was time to share the love with a Rodial Freeze Time Facial.

As usual, as soon as I set foot on the 72nd floor, I was in… well bliss. I adore Bliss’ modern, breezy and playful approach to spas, with their cute slogans and rubber duckies scattered around the airy bright rooms. Rodial is a luxury British brand famous for uber-cool wonder products, many of which apparently boast results as good as cosmetic surgery without going under the knife. Together with the contemporary luxe feel of Bliss, it’s a pretty perfect fit.

My therapist for the day was the delightful Winwin, who talked me through the rostrum of Rodial products. I was initially worried about my skin’s sensitivity but Winwin allayed my fears by giving me the lowdown on the products, assuring me that if I ever felt uncomfortable, I should give her the heads up and she’d stop.

First up was a deep cleanse using Rodial’s A-List Cleanser, which includes jojoba, apricot and wheat germ oils. The cleanse element of facials is usually the most boring part but I was surprisingly swept away with the A-List Cleanser – it smelt downright yummy and felt softly moisturising as opposed to that drying alcohol-heavy feel that some cleansers have. I liked that this was properly cleaned off rather than just being blotted off with a tissue and by the end, my skin was feeling better already!

The main part of the facial comes with Rodial’s Glamtox Peel and Mask, which removes dead skin cells and debris, plumps and brightens your skin. This is one of their most hyped products and also one that I was worried about as it contains fruit acid, which I thought might react badly with my sensitive skin. At first, there was a tingling sensation, especially in my dryer areas (around my lips, eyes and scalp). However, just as the tingling was starting to get worrying, a new feeling swept across my complexion – numbness… the promised freezing effect!

I barely had time to register this before more blissful matters took over – namely the utterly amazing massage Winwin was now dispensing. I’ve lost count of the number of facials where massages are either not included or so average as to make you wonder why they bothered, but this was rather sensational. There was a deeply relaxing cold finger head and neck massage using Glamtox Night Oil that worked away all my woes, and an even more wonderful hand and body massage, using a body slimming oil that reduces the appearance of stretch marks, fine lines and skin discolouration. With Winwin’s expert touch, the subtle but delicious scents of the products and Bliss’ fantastic soundtrack of contemporary easy listening music (no windchimes and ohhmmming here, but a swanky dash of Ella and Frank instead), I was lulled into sleep before I knew it!

The mask removal was rather strange – instead of being peeled or washed off, it was instead rubbed away… like someone doing copper rubbings on my face! Unusual rather than unpleasant, it was funny feeling the mask debris falling like confetti around my face! My skin still felt slightly numb but already my face felt somehow lighter and more refreshed.

The final touches were another Rodial miracle product, their Glamoxy Snake Serum (“Botox in a bottle”, it relaxes lines and gives a plumping effect), a Glamtox eye cream with SPF18 and a super-moisturising Glam Balm on the lips. The treatment ended, like it had begun, with three deeps breaths of gorgeous-smelling essential oils.

As I walked back into the changing room, I felt amazingly relaxed… my whole body seemed to have melted thanks to Winwin and I was at a level of chilled-out-ness that I thought little old stressed out me would never have managed. But then I clocked a look in a mirror and was blown away.

Treatments don’t come much more aptly named than the Rodial Freeze Time Facial. It’s not going to clear your blackheads or prevent breakouts, but the instantaneous effects were close to incredible. My skin looked crazily smooth, plumper, better-hydrated, brighter, lighter and more radiant… the most I have ever seen it so, to be honest. It was an instant one-hour rejuvenation that seemed to rewind my skin back to the plump fresh-faced days of my teen years (the ones without the spots though thanks!). I couldn’t believe it.

As with all trips to Bliss Spa, my visit was not complete without a last trip round the gooey scrumptiousness of the brownie buffet (their homemade lemonade also comes with the Sassy seal of approval!).

I think this would be THE treatment pre-party or prep for a night where you want to look your best even if you aren’t feeling it (you can buy Rodial products from the spa to take home too)! As with all things Bliss Spa, the level of indulgence, quality care and attention-to-detail is stellar and takes things up another notch of pure pampering goodness. So if you are after a perfect pick-me-up or your skin needs an instant injection of youth and brightness, the Rodial Freeze Time Facial is the one for you.

SASSY DEAL: For any purchase of an a la carte treatment at Bliss Spa of 60 minutes or over, all Sassy girls will receive a complimentary mini treatment of a Fabulips treatment or a bikini, underarm, eyebrow or lip wax. Also, any couples bookings will be upgraded to a Bliss Couples Room with free 30-minute Jacuzzi. Simply mention SASSY on booking! Offer is valid Monday-Sunday, until 17 June 2012.

The Rodial Freeze Time and Unlock Younger Skin Facial costs $1580 (plus 10% service charge) for 60 minutes.

Bliss Spa, 72/F, W Hong Kong, 1 Austin Road West, Kowloon Station, Kowloon, Hong Kong, 3717 2797, bliss.hk@whotels.com

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