21 May, 2012

Santorini Sun – get that Greek goddess glow

21 May, 2012

If you have never been to Santorini or the Greek Islands for that matter, there’s no question about it, you are missing out! Just imagine, the amazing warm Mediterranean seas with fine grains of sand between your toes and the warm sun kissing your back – the definition of paradise…

But wait… you don’t need to go through the long-haul flights and expensive plane tickets to get that perfect summer glow! Santorini Sun bottles up this slice of heaven and distributes it to people around the world so that everyone can look like they’ve just been for a dip in the Aegean and soaking up the suns rays.

I was fortunate enough to test three different products in the Santorini line – the Body Scrub ($245), the Tanning Lotion ($295) and the Shimmer Cream ($275). These bottles of goodness left my skin feeling smooth, silky, and glowing with an airbrush finish – what every girl strives for! Let the Mediterranean journey begin…

Once I finally found my pliars to get the Body Scrub open, my senses welcomed its sweet citrus smell; straight from the tropics and the right type of smell for your shower, fresh and fruity. The salts (from the Dead Sea of course!) were large and useful; however make sure your body is slightly damp prior to application and try to avoid water from getting to the crystals… they dissolve rapidly! If you are using the salts to exfoliate your fake tan, I find using a loafer in addition will assist with getting into the nitty-gritty of things.

After Exfoliation

The outcome? Smooth baby bottom skin that smells deliciously tasty! As you can tell from my photo, the exfoliant did wonders in making my skin look as pasty as can be… although I was not too worried, the Santorini sun kissed journey to look like a Greek Island goddess was still to come.

Now I have tried a lot of sun tanning products in my time (orange ones, smelly ones, streaky ones, you name it, I’ve tried it!) but what I found great about Santorini’s Sunless Tanning Lotion was the ease of application and that it was true to its preach – streak-less, instant, natural and highly moisturising (no need for extra moisturiser after!). My legs went from pasty white to golden brown in a matter of minutes, as if that Santorini sun touched me right here in Hong Kong… Not only is this product good for a tan, but it does the hard gym work for you with skin firming and anti-ageing benefits too.

After Tanning Lotion

The next product was the Body Shimmer Cream, which has to be my fave! Unlike the tanning product, the smell was more bearable with a sweet almond scent. The cream illuminated my legs, giving them that subtle glow that any goddess is looking for. The balance between shimmer and tint was perfect, and I guarantee that I will be purchasing this product in the future (Take note: it makes your skin looks great in pics, so it’s great for special occasions where there will be loads of party snaps).

After Shimmer Cream

Santorini Sun products are affordable, all natural and made from organic ingredients (definitely the healthy option for a sun tan). Applying the products was quick, easy and definitely stress and streak free leaving a glamorous finish. So forget about the red faces and the burnt shoulders… that is sooo 90s… and get a natural glow with Santorini Sun. No need to pay for that plane ticket ladies because the Santorini sun is in the neighborhood. Enjoy!

SASSY DEAL: If you purchase Santorini Sun’s body sunscreen from Iyara, you will receive 50% off their face sunscreen until 31 May, 2012 – simply quote SASSY at checkout.

Santorini Sun products are available to purchase at Iyara Beauty, 1/F, 26 Cochrane Street, Central, Hong Kong, 2545 8638. Contact Donna Cornish at 9387 1217 for more details.


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