23 April, 2012
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Get Bliss-ful with afternoon tea at Bliss Spa’s Pop-Up Cafe in Causeway Bay

23 April, 2012

I love afternoon tea… and I love Bliss Spa… so you can probably imagine my feelings about the new Bliss Spa Pop-Up Café in Causeway Bay!

Until the end of May, Bliss Spa have taken over the charming and cosy Mackie Kitchen restaurant on Caroline Hill Road, with a special Bliss Afternoon Tea set and done up the décor in signature Bliss style!

It’s a really cute and unusual concept that one of the Bliss girls (the lovely Ina) came up with after walking past Mackie Kitchen and seeing them in the midst of an Xbox takeover, and it’s definitely the first time I’ve seen a beauty brand take over a whole restaurant in such a way.

The Bliss tea set is a very reasonable $68 (plus 10% service charge) for a dessert and a drink… and yes, those trademark Bliss brownies that I regularly raid their spa buffet for are very much in evidence! Of course, I had to go for the chocolate brownie with ice-cream, whilst Michelle chose the wonderful-looking “That’s Incredi-pudding”; we both knocked our desserts back with a cool and refreshing lemon and soda.

My brownie was everything I expected – chocolately, rich, slightly nutty and a wee bit gooey in the centre, offset perfectly with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a dusting of chopped almonds… and the presentation was delightful too.

Meanwhile, Michelle’s incred-pudding was probably more exciting to look at than it was to taste – the strip of the signature Bliss turquoise colour looked super-striking in the class but didn’t really taste of much! It offered a milky texture in comparison to the lemon jelly beneath and overall, was a light pleasant dessert ideal for summer (and for Instagram-ing photos of to all your friends!). Unfortunately, we didn’t have a third member of Team Sassy on hand to try the waffle!

As for Bliss Spa products themselves, you can merely admire the goods here; if indulging in their tea has put you in the Bliss mood, you’ll have to head to the Lane Crawford in Times Square to get your fix!

But kudos to Bliss for doing something a little bit different, with their typical charming playfulness. The portion size of our desserts was just right for an afternoon pit-stop with girlfriends in the midst of a shopping spree whilst Mackie Kitchen itself is a lovely location, tucked away on the quieter side of Causeway and the ideal space to relax and take a breather in at the tail-end of your day.

So get Bliss-ful and check out the Bliss Spa Pop-Up Café before it’s gone for good!

The Bliss Spa Pop-Up Café runs until the end of May, 2012 at Mackie Kitchen, G/F, 9 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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