4 July, 2011

Sassy Review: Bliss Triple Oxygen Products

4 July, 2011

The one thing that Rach of Through the Looking Glass likes as much as eating? Well, testing out beauty products, that’s what! At Sassy we’ve already raved about the Triple Oxygen Facial from Bliss Spa, but we asked Rach to test out whether she can get the same results at home using just the products…

Here at Sassy, you’ll know we love a good spa session as much as the next girl, but it’s simply not possible to get fancy treatments every other day (as much as we’d like it to be!). Luckily, skincare has come on leaps and bounds since the days of DIY cucumber face masks and Bliss Spa, a long-time personal favourite, has a fabulous range of products that bring professional-level treatments to the comfort of your own home.

Having experienced the benefits of their famous Triple Oxygen Facial in-spa, I’ve been trying out their Triple Oxygen trio to see if Bliss can still work their magic without the hands and high-tech equipment of a trained beauty therapist! Here’s my verdict:

Triple Oxygen Energising Mask

This, for me, is the shining star of the trio and has made it into my Make-Up Miracles Hall of Fame. I was actually recommended it by the Bliss therapist who did the Triple O facial and she definitely knew her stuff! It comes out the pump dispenser as a peach-coloured gel with a light fresh citrus-y scent but once applied to damp skin, fizzes and foams away merrily (beware, it does tickle!) and once the bubbling has subsided after around five minutes, rinses off to reveal a revitalised, radiant complexion. Apparently, the oxygen formed by the bubbling creates a ‘hostile environment’ for the pesky bacteria that causes spots, meaning regular use of the Triple Oxygen mask keeps you more blemish-free in the long run. I’m always amazed at how spa-fresh my skin looks afterwards – brighter, gorgeous and glowing – and it’s great for giving a pep talk to tired dull complexions. It’s basically the next best thing to getting a spa treatment; in fact, the effects are even better with this than some professional facials I’ve had in the past. In short, it’s amazing stuff!

Triple Oxygen +C Energising Cream

This is the face moisturiser of the bunch, and comes armed with a clever-sounding ‘unique pairing of oxygen and Vitamin C’ that supports cell respiration, collagen synthesis and improved skin hydration. (Wow, I feel just like Jennifer Aniston after ‘the science bit’!) What I loved about this cream was how lightweight it was – perfect for hot humid Hong Kong where you don’t want your face to feel smothered by a heavy rich moisturiser – and it has a light fresh fruity scent that’s instantly uplifting. More important than all the fancy words and science jargon is whether or not it actually works, and I have to say I was really impressed with the effects of the Triple O Cream as I felt my skin was lighter, brighter, softer and positively glowed after long-term use. I branded this ‘loveliness in a tub’, which just about says it all.

Triple Oxygen Energising Eye Masks

These masks: essence-soaked marine collagen pads designed for use under the eye, are supposed to be an ‘energy drink for the eyes’ and are certainly a lot more convenient than buying and wasting most of a cucumber for the sake of eye masks! As you can see from the snazzy packaging, the essence and the pad are kept separately, which is supposed to keep the active ingredients at their most potent form; you simply ‘pop’ the liquid chamber, which seeps through and saturates the mask (made out of a vitamin and mineral-infused fabric so good, people apparently notice effects even without the essence). Although Bliss reckon these brighten dark circles, de-puff under-eye bags and soften fine lines, I didn’t really notice any visible difference to my panda eyes, although it’s definitely ultra refreshing and invigorating – especially if you store them in the fridge for an extra cooling zing! The material is also very delicate and prone to tearing whilst the essence can drip down your face, although I use this as an excuse for fifteen minutes of solid rest and relaxation! For me, these are probably more of a luxury than an essential.

Overall verdict: Although you miss out on the infamous Bliss Spa Brownie Buffet, these products are great for getting an at-home glow. The Energising Mask in particular is a fantastic impact product that gives both instant and long-lasting results and it’s become a staple in my make-up cabinet. So next time you can’t fit a spa appointment into your hectic schedule, one (or all!) of these just might do the trick instead!

Bliss Spa products are available from Bliss Spa at the W Hotel, Kowloon, or Bliss counters in Lane Crawford and Faces.


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