7 March, 2019
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Sassy Speaks Episode Seven: The Hong Kong Experience

7 March, 2019

This week we’re sitting down with Nancy and Virginia for their insights into life in our beautiful city and what it’s really like to live in Hong Kong.

We’ve been your guide for all things Hong Kong for the last ten years, and to celebrate, we’ve decided to take the leap into the brave new world of podcasting! Each week we’ll sit down with two amazing guests to have candid conversations on a whole host of topics that you’ve told us you want to hear more about. There’ll be a new episode every Thursday for the next three weeks, so be sure to subscribe to us on iTunes or your favourite podcasting platform so you don’t miss a thing.

East meets West. Home of dim sum. The gateway to China. We’ve heard it all before. But what is it really like to live here? Have you been up to the peak a million times, seen the same old light show night after night? Hong Kong is more than a tourist attraction, people! There is so much more to see, do, eat and learn here, so this week we sit down with Nancy and Virginia for their insights into life in our beautiful city.

Sassy Speaks Episode Seven: The Hong Kong Experience

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About Our Guests:

Sassy Speaks Episode Seven: The Hong Kong Experience

Nancy, known commonly as HK Jeh Jeh, is the creative brainchild behind HK meme account hkmehmeh. You can find her on Instagram @hkmehmeh.

Virginia Chan is the founder of Hong Kong food tour company Humid with a Chance of Fishballs. You can find her on Instagram @ilikefishballs.

Useful Links and Some Extra Reading:

  • If you haven’t already, we can’t recommend booking one of Virginia’s tours enough. In fact, she’s launched new ones in Kowloon City and Sham Shui Po which you should definitely check out.
  • There is some great literature set in Hong Kong that you should immediately add to your reading list, including:
  • Despite the fact that the plot of “Already Tomorrow in Hong Kong” leaves plenty to be desired, there’s no denying that the cinematography is a love letter to the beautiful city scape of Hong Kong, and we recommend watching it at least once.
  • If you want to get to know some of Hong Kong’s most colourful spots, be sure to read through out our curated neighbourhood guides and discover local gems for yourself.

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