8 July, 2014

Pedicure perfection at Nail Parlor in Central, Hong Kong

8 July, 2014

So after permanently joining Sassy Hong Kong HQ, I had discovered that I was out of my zone. Out of my nail zone, so to speak. For years, I’d frequented a handful of nail salons in Kowloon, and I was in need of finding a nail salon near the office that would refresh my digits at a reasonable cost. Enter the Nail Parlor.

Conveniently situated smack in the heart of Central, and a stone’s throw away from Sheung Wan, I waited until the last possible minute to leave the office before my 5pm appointment. Because that’s just how close it was.

IMG_1640I entered and was immediately greeted with the friendly face of the owner, Patty Lo, who directed me to a comfortable armchair where I took a moment to catch my breath and relax before my treatment began. Today, for the first time ever, I was getting a soft-gel pedicure. I’d done it countless times on my hands, but had never seen the point of doing it on my toes since my feet were in boots all winter, and would most likely get ruined pounding Hong Kong’s pavements in summer.


For a new nail salon, Patty’s team worked wonders on my tootsies. My feet had been in closed-toe shoes all winter, and my last pedicure had been a while back. And after a week of running around (in the rain, no less!), twinkle toes’ toes needed some much-needed TLC. My technician began by leaving my feet to soak for a few minutes in a bucket of warm, soapy water. I could feel my feet going, “ahhh” as soon as I dunked them in. The abuse they had been subjected to in the past few weeks was incomparable.

Next, she quickly and efficiently buffed away at my ankles and the balls of my feet. For a split second, I felt sorry for her – yes, it really had been that long since I had given my feet some love and attention, and I was looking forward to sandal season.


My toenails were squared off (including on my big toe, which I had previously stubbed somewhere or the other and subsequently broken), my cuticles expertly scissored off while Patty told me about Sunshine Babe, a new brand of organic Japanese soft-gel polish Nail Parlor carried. After being an OPI-snob for a long time, I decided to try it out.


There were a handful of summer shades, so I opted for a Sassy pink (obviously!), a marked change from my usual choice of neutral tones. A base coat was applied, followed by two coats of the hot pink and a top coat. My feet went under a UV lamp between each coat to set the polish.


Doing a soft-gel mani or pedi means the promise of no chips or cracks or breaks for two to three weeks. I have to say, it’s been nearly a month and my feet look like I just walked out of the salon yesterday. One thing’s for sure, the professionalism and care from the staff at Nail Parlour will have me running back to do my hands next…

From 1 August to 30 September 2014, all pedicure services at Nail Parlor are 20% off. Don’t forget to book ahead, girls!

Nail Parlor, 5/F, Zhongcai Centre, 131 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong, 2702 9882, www.nailparlor.com.hk


Top image sourced from Pinterest
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