28 October, 2010

Meet Sutherland Chan’s new Osteopath

28 October, 2010

We have raved about Sutherland Chan Centre on here before and as we are huge fans we now feel the need to personally test every new member of their team to give them the Sassy seal of approval. Their newest addition is Alessio and he joins Jonine as Sutherland Chan’s Osteopath. He has been treating me for the past few weeks for some tightness in my shoulder area (Jonine was the first to cure it but sadly I was horrible with my follow up visits!) and he is great. Since my knowledge level on Osteopathy was pretty low before I started getting treatments I thought it would be a good idea to ask this HK newbie some basic questions about Osteopathy.

What exactly is Osteopathy? Osteopathy is a manual therapy that seeks to offer pain relief, rehabilitate injuries and promote health in a natural way by holistically restoring the balance within the body and hence creating the perfect conditions to facilitate the self-healing mechanisms.

What are the common ailments you see as a Osteopath? Commonly patients present with joint or muscle aches and pains, postural problems, headaches, pregnancy pains and sports injuries. As Osteopathy seeks to promote health, people with diseases (cold, flu, etc.) or diagnosed medical conditions find that treatment eases their symptoms. Babies and kids are  especially suitable for Osteopathy in the cranial field. Also, regular maintenance treatment is great to keep the body flexible and healthy.

What can someone expect from their first visit to see you? First sessions comprise a full medical history and investigation of the presenting complaint; this is followed by a thorough physical examination to assess areas of weakness, tenderness, restriction or strain; finally the patient will be explained the diagnosis and a treatment plan will be agreed and commenced. If appropriate advice on posture, health and exercise may be given.

Does Osteopathic treatment hurt? No, treatment is gentle and involves relaxing muscles and releasing stiff joints.

What is the biggest myth you have heard about Osteopathy? The biggest myth is probably that we just crack backs all day! We do use gentle manipulations and we are probably most popular for back and neck issues, but the truth is Osteopathy is a treatment for the whole body and for everyone.

Sutherland Chan, 19/F, World Trust Tower, 50 Stanley Street, Central, 2544 5838

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