7 February, 2013

Lingerie every woman should own – our guide to all the must-have essentials

7 February, 2013

Here at Sassy, we frequently tell you what cool trends you should try or what new outfits should make their way into your wardrobe… but let’s take a moment to address the moments when you are undressed! After all, you need the right foundation underneath before you can build a bombshell look on top.

From the perfect bra for the right garment, to the panties that won’t leave you showing it all in a strong wind, we lay out the must-have lingerie that every woman should own – the absolute essentials that need to be in your undies drawer. We can’t promise you’ll look like Rosie Huntington Whiteley by the end, but it’s definitely a good start! Let’s take a sneaky peek…


Calvin Klein CK One Soft Cup Bra, Only Hearts Second Skin Underwire Bra

T-Shirt Bra (in black and nude)
Forget about seams or lines with this easy-to-wear basic! This is your go-to bra that won’t show under anything; it’s best to keep these bras very simple (i.e. no lace or bows), as you want it to be super versatile. Sassy tip: remember to always wear a black bra under black clothing, especially when you know photos will be taken. White and nude bras can both show up through your black clothes once the camera flash goes off!


Commando Classic Tiny Thong, Cosabella Ceylon Low-Rise Boy Shorts

Seamless Thongs (in black and nude)
The only thing a model is required to bring to a job is a nude seamless thong. The reason is that no matter what she is handed to wear, the underwear will not show through. Use this fashion secret in your own life and invest in some seamless nude and black thongs to put under anything and everything (except for when you need the boy shorts – see below)! Hanky Panky, available at Sheer, makes great lacey nude thongs with thick side straps that do not cut in on your hips. VPLs are a thing of the past – everyone should own a nude seamless thong, full stop!

Boy Shorts (in black and nude)
Grab these when you are wearing a flowy skirt or a super short mini to avoid any tabloid worthy panty mishaps! I’m sure we have all inadvertently flashed someone when stepping off a curb at the exact time a pesky breeze decided to give your pleated midi a lift! With cute little shorts underneath you can keep your coverage and your dignity.


Stella McCartney Stella Smooth Black Strapless Bra, Victoria’s Secret Very Sexy Push Up Bra

Strapless Bra with detachable adjustable straps (in black and nude)
This is perfect for formal wear or strapless dresses. Be sure to pick a bra that has detachable straps so that you can convert the bra to be one shouldered or a halter as well. There are also options with deep Vs in the front so that you can wear a lower-cut top and not sacrifice on the support!

Push Up Bra
Need a little lift in your life? Try the push up! This will add instant va va voom to take you from the meek to the bold. These puppies are great for nights when you need a dash of sex appeal. If you’ve got it, flaunt it and if you don’t… fake it with a push up!


Spanx In Power Super Higher Power Shaper, Scandale The Shapewear Dress

Shapewear/Spanx (in black and nude)
No one likes to admit that they need this but even silhouette-perfect models and celebs admit to owning some Spanx! Spanx-style shorts and bodywear are the perfect pairings for delicate silk dresses that show everything underneath. You can use these several ways: firstly, to ensure there are no panty lines; secondly, to keep bumps and dimples at bay and finally, to slim you down around a full size. True miracle workers! Marks & Spencer has a great range of these at reasonably prices.


Fashion Forms Nu Bra Devine Body Silicone Bra, Commando Low Beams Nipple Concealer Adhesives

Stick-On Nipple Covers/Stick-On Bra
These are essential for articles of clothing that you can’t wear a bra with; you can even wear them under a thin bra for some added modesty. Hong Kong air cons will never leave you self-conscious with these stick-on gems! The stick-on bra is also great for giving lift and shape to formalwear, especially if your gown is backless.


Commando Control Skort Half Slip, Commando Tailored Slip

Slips, half and full (in nude and black)
All those sheer pieces flouncing down the runway look amazing on the models but get them in the real world and they are more than a little inappropriate! Stand in front of a window and if you can see your legs through your dress then slide on a slip! These are also very helpful with wrap dresses as the wind can… and will… unwrap you!


Eberjey Delirious Triangle Bralette, Victoria’s Secret VS Pro Sport Bra

Lacey bras that make you feel good!
For those loose blouses and dresses where the shape or colour is not top priority, then have some fun and feel girly underneath. Nothing beats walking around knowing that you have a little lacey secret underneath it all!

Sport Bra
Give yourself some support with a proper fitting athletic bra. Take into account what level of activity you are doing and then shop for a bra that fits your lifestyle. Yoga fiends do not need as much support as someone who loves to run and A-cups don’t need as thick straps as DDs. Take care of your lady lumps!


Huit Icone Body, La Perla Segreto Di Geisha Babydoll Set

Sexy lingerie for a big night!
Being sexy doesn’t mean baring it all. Wear what makes you feel gorgeous and glamorous, be it a silky slip, full-on lace or leather with garters and tassles! I promise no matter what you wear… your partner will take notice!

And while we are at it you should also have:

Commando Matchsticks, Fashion Forms Strap Solutions

Toupee Tape/Fashion Tape/Roll-On Body Glue
Toupee tape (yes the stuff that holds on fake hair), also called fashion tape (or, to the Brits, tit tape!), is a MUST. You can tape everything in place, from overly open blouses and falling bra straps to the loose end of a belt. I typically keep a few pieces of this tape in my wallet in case of fashion emergencies.

Strap Holders
These are little plastic clamps that connect your bra straps together, instantly converting your normal bra into a racer-back. I can’t tell you how much I love these and they look so much better than a safety pin!


So take this cheat sheet into any local lingerie spot and stock up on what you are missing. Remember what is the right shade of nude for one woman will be completely different for another, so be sure to get the “nude” that matches your skin tone!

Also, take the shops up on their offer to give you a free bra fitting; I have heard so many times that switching to the right size instantly makes you appear slimmer and stand taller! And if you still have questions, be sure to check out the Lingerie 101 classes or personal shopping options offered at Sheer.

Here are ten of our fave spots for lingerie shopping in Hong Kong; let us know any we’ve missed in the comments!

Avec Amour  8/F V Plus, 68 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
2978 3998  www.avecamour.com.hk

Bubies  hop D, G/F, Lucky Building, 39 Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
2521 8186 

Charmante  4 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
2645 6000 

Hailey & Sasha  Suite 902, 9/F, Union Commercial Building, 12-16 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong
2815 0883  www.haileysasha.com

La Perla  88 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong
2118 3977 

MARKS AND SPENCER (ASIA PACIFIC) LIMITED  Basement, Central Tower, 28 Queen’s Road Central, Central, Hong Kong

Pearl Lingerie  Shop A2 (Lobby), LG/F, Wilson House, 19-27 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong
2501 0321 

  • Sheer, 4/F, W Place, 52 Wyndham Street, Central, 2147 3887
  • Secret Wardrobe  2/F, 15B Wellington Street, Central, Hong Kong
    2810 9662 

    Showtime  2/F, Shama Place, 30 Hollywood Road, Central, Hong Kong
    2530 3309  www.showtimeconcepts.com/…

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