6 November, 2019
SHK x ZipX Scoop
SHK x ZipX Scoop

The Secret To Getting Your Fave International Brands In Hong Kong

6 November, 2019
SHK x ZipX Scoop scoop

And the imported shopping picks Team Sassy can’t get enough of.

So you’ve just discovered that your absolute favourite brand or shop doesn’t ship to Hong Kong? We’ve been there, and we feel your pain. But before you go hitting up your overseas friends for a little forwarding favour, allow us to introduce you to ZipX.

Taking the headache out of shopping overseas, ZipX allows you to instantly purchase the products you love from the UK, US and Europe. All you have to do is find your product using ZipX’s search bar and the site will automatically price it in HKD, taking into account shipping fees too!

While overseas forwarding companies are nothing new, ZipX stands out from the crowd for its outstanding service. For instance, the brand operates a simple and straightforward pricing structure for shipping, and offers complete transparency with regards to what your money is going on. What’s more, ZipX allows you to request any items you can’t find on its site. The sky really is the limit!

Now that we have ZipX on our radar, Team Sassy is gearing up to do some serious shopping damage. From grooming essentials, to beauty and kitchen gadgets, here’s what we’re buying first.

Jess’ Pick: Thickening Dryspun Texture Spray

While we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to beauty products in Hong Kong, I have never yet found a worthy contender for this Bumble and Bumble pick. My hair is very flat, heavy and straight, but this spray somehow transforms my locks with volume, lift and airy texture. It’s a must-have!

SHK x ZipX Scoop: 3.1 Phillip Lim For Target Tote

Marie’s Pick: 3.1 Phillip Lim For Target Tote

I sometimes miss the convenience of having department stores in Hong Kong. I used to love visiting Target in the US, you can always find what you are looking for (and most of the time, what you are not actually looking for!). As a true fashionista, I love that they have so many designer collaborations and at such affordable prices, like this Phillip Lim tote!

Annie’s Pick: Venus Sensitive Razor Blades

Decent razor blades are the one thing I never thought I’d miss from home. While I love British chocolates (and a good roast dinner), you can find replacements for these in Hong Kong. But for some reason, the razors here just don’t quite cut it. That’s why I’m turning to ZipX to help me out with a supply of Venus Sensitive Razor Blades.

Daisy’s Pick: Instant Pot

I would love it if Zipx could help me order an Instant Pot Duo. Several friends and family in the UK and US have been raving about how versatile they are. My Hong Kong kitchen is tiny but I would like to get back into home cooking, so having a tool that can be used as a rice/ pressure cooker and yoghurt maker in one would be really convenient.

Caroline’s Pick: Glossier Cloud Paint In Puff

I spend a lot of time lamenting the fact that Glossier isn’t directly available in Hong Kong, so this is a great workaround for me. I’m a huge fan of its Cloud Paint because it’s so easy to use. It’s a gel-cream blusher that comes in a tube (making it ridiculously easy to apply, even on-the-go!) and a little goes a long way!

ZipX, [email protected], zipx.com, www.facebook.com/zipxhk

Brought to you in partnership with ZipX.

Featured image courtesy of MStudioImages via Getty Images, all other images courtesy of ZipX.

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