5 New Shows to Watch on Netflix this November

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Marvel’s The Punisher

Airs on: Friday, 17 November

Revenge is the order of the day in this new, Netflix original. Known throughout the city as ‘The Punisher,’ Frank Castle ‘uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York’s criminal underworld.”


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Alias Grace: Limited Series

Airs on: Friday, 3 November

Based on the award-winning novel by Margaret Atwood, this mini-series tells the tale of a ‘mild-mannered woman convicted of a savage murder in 1840s Canada’ who soon becomes a young doctor’s obsession.

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Godless: Limited Series

Airs on: Wednesday, 22 November

Set in 1800’s New Mexico, this gung-ho western centers on ‘notorious criminal Frank Griffin and his gang of outlaws who are on a mission of revenge.’  The chase leads to the quiet town of La Belle, made up entirely of women.

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Frontier: Season 2

Airs on: Friday, 24 November

Frontier fans rejoice, season two is on its way! Join Declan Harp as he ‘continues his vendetta against Lord Benton and the Hudson’s Bay Company’ and stay alert as ‘the cutthroat fur trade becomes increasingly treacherous.’

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Airs on: Friday, 17 November

Two unlikely friends return home from World War II, where they ‘struggle to deal with racially divided Mississippi and adjust to life after war.’



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