13 December, 2019
The Best Christmas Games
The Best Christmas Games
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The Best Christmas Games For Every Holiday Party

13 December, 2019
The Best Christmas Games

From festive twists on classic party gems to Sassy’s favourite board games…

So you’ve opened the presents, pulled the crackers and gobbled the turkey – now what? It’s time for Christmas games! Between party classics, trivia and drinking games, we’ve compiled a list of our favourites to help pull you out of that post-lunch coma. (P.S. these games work equally well for work parties and friend gatherings!). 

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The Best Christmas Games: Gold Bauble Ornament

PG-Friendly Classics

From quick ice-breakers to nostalgic throwbacks with a holiday twist, these classic Christmas party games are all PG-friendly, making them ideal to break out with the family or at your work do.

Guess The Ornaments
Perfect as a quick icebreaker or introductory game, “Guess The Ornaments” requires having guests guess how many ornaments are on your tree. Don’t forget to have a small prize on standby for the closest guess!

Christmas Carol Pictionary
Like Pictionary – but make it festive. To prepare, write down a list of Christmas carols on separate flash cards. Divide guests into teams. Have one member from each team draw a card together. They both then have a minute to illustrate the carol written on the card (on separate pieces of paper) for their team to guess. To answer, teams must sing the carol. One point goes to the team that guesses correctly.

Bauble And Spoon Race
Work off those mince pies with this fun take on the sports day egg and spoon race. Replace the egg with a festive bauble and off you go!

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White Elephant
A fun alternative to your typical Secret Santa, White Elephant starts with everyone placing the gift they bought in a pile. Then draw numbers to decide who gets to go first. The first guest can take their pick of one present from the pile, and so on in order – however, each subsequent guest can also choose to “steal” a gift from someone else instead of taking one from the pile. It’s up to you whether you decide to unwrap the gifts as you go, but we think it’s more fun to wait until the end to keep the mystery alive!

Christmas Charades
Charades, but with Christmas-themed word and phrases. Head here for a list of ideas to get you started.

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The Best Christmas Games: Celebratory cheers

Drinking Games

Happy Christmas indeed! These holiday drinking games will have you merry in no time. As ever, we encourage sensible drinking – no one wants to spend Boxing Day with a hangover after all.

The Santa Hat Drinking Game
The ultimate low-effort high-reward Christmas drinking game. Hang a Santa hat on the corner of your TV. Every time someone “wears” it onscreen, drink!

Jingle Shots
This one’s for all you shot lovers out there! The first person begins by picking their favourite Christmas song. Take it in turns to sing a line each – if you mess up, take a shot. Shoutout to Tea With Gi for this suggestion!

The Alphabet Game
A drinking game classic. Take it in turns to come up with a festive word associated with the letter of the alphabet that has landed on you (e.g. “A” for “Away In A Manger”, “B” for “bells” etc.). If you can’t come up with a letter association in a timely manner, you must finish your drink before being allowed back into play.

Elf Drinking Game
Combining two of our favourite things, Elf and alcohol, this Elf Drinking Game is a winner. Other variations include the Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game and this Love Actually version. Wine and shots at the ready!

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The Best Christmas Games: Board Games And Dice

Board Games

When in doubt, board games are always a fan favourite. Warning – things might get competitive (sorry, not sorry). Here’s a few of our faves:

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