27 June, 2011
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Letter from the Editor: June 28th 2011

27 June, 2011
Hi girls!

We’ve been wanting to find a way to keep you updated on everything that’s going on behind the scenes at Sassy in a more personal way – we used to do videos, and had a blast doing them, but weren’t able to get them posted on the site with the frequency we would have liked, so we’re introducing our new “Letter from the Editor” feature. Maura and I will be posting regularly about what plans are afoot at Sassy HQ, events that are in the works, and also just sharing a little bit about what we’re up to, trying out and loving in Hong Kong at the moment!

This week we’re keeping busy with plans for the SoHo Shop Walk event which will be held on July 6th. When we first started Sassy in March 2009, an event like this was our absolute dream. We’re partnering with I Love SoHo to put everything together, and we’re pretty flat out as there are so many moving pieces with bars, boutiques and independent designers involved. We’ve sourced amazing prizes, a wine sponsor and we’re expecting the night will be a whole lot of fun, and for a good cause too, as a portion of the ticket sales will be going to Mother’s Choice. Mother’s Choice is a charity that Sassy feels very strongly about, as they help teenage girls with advice on unplanned pregnancies, care for and arrange the fostering and adoption of babies, and are generally an amazing organization. We’re so happy we’re able to support them with this event.

Because we’re doing Shop Walk on July 6th, that will take the place of Sassy Hour for July, but we’ll be back in August (on the 4th so put that in your diaries). We heard from a lot of you that you absolutely loved Bisous, so we’re working on somewhere just as cool hopefully!

I tried out new restaurant, Madam Sixty-Ate on Friday night, and really enjoyed it, so we’ll have a review of that coming up on the site this week, as well as a review of TBLS, and some fun fashion stories. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we’ve got an amazing team of bloggers at the moment who are helping us out – one area we could always do with some extra help is with our Health & Fitness section though, so if you’re a bit of a yogi, health nut or workout wonder (um, that’s not so much me!), send us an email at [email protected].

What I’m loving this week…

… I’ve been slow to pick up on the bracelet stacking trend (a baby and jewellery do not mix so well!), but I’ve got my eye on this one….

… You have to go and see Submarine which is on at Elements at the moment – it’s the most beautifully real coming of age movie I think I’ve ever seen…

… Reading A Game of Thrones on my iPad… Gripping!

… Talking of iPads, this is the best round-up of gorgeous iPad cases I’ve come across – Who knew Smythson made iPad cases? Definitely on my wishlist!

Have a great week!

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